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Sep 28, 2011
    1. RightSideTheory
      EGP has been banned from the GnA (not by me, by Sarge), and I don't see the point in bringing up anything he's said lately.
    2. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      And what's your excuse for editing that out again? But thanks for telling me this time. :/
    3. RightSideTheory
      I'm going to edit the bit about EGP out of your comment, but I'm not going to touch the rest off it.

      Just thought I'd tell you.

      Join back, we need you... I missed the time when everyone was active and discussing Anime, but now the group is dead. The last time it was really active was when you was in there and when you left everything stopped so that means we need you. Even though, I didn't comment much except for when my 2 cents was needed I still kept an eye on the group and read all the posts when it was updated cause I have the group bookmarked. We/I just need you back so we can see some activity again, even Panncakez wishes for the group to come back to life.
    5. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      I love you t-.... Nope. Nevermind. I thought you were me.
    6. KB
      Frag Man, I love you.
    7. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      Oh gee, he didn't break any rules, then it's not out of hand. Out of hand means IT'S BROKEN THE ****ING RULES, AND NEEDS TO BE UNDER CONTROL. Tell me how what he did did ANYTHING against the rules, or how it needs to be under control. It's a FACT that it isn't out of hand.

      And by going by your opinion, signatures should be banned. Why? BECAUSE THEY TAKE SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK, AND EDIT IT TO THEIR LIKING. I mean wow, how did that one slip your mind?

      And if spam posts are supposed to be deleted, you're doing a pretty bad job of that. Considering you only have one section to take care of.
    8. RightSideTheory
      You're wrong. Spam in the GnA is still spam, and is dealt with. It's (supposed) to be either deleted by KB and myself, or infracted by a moderator. That's how it should work, that's how it's supposed to work, and that's how the rules are.

      Spam is Spam regardless.


      "I believe that was NOT out of hand."

      You're arguing that I shouldn't state my opinion.... with your opinion.
    9. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      It's not spamming if the stupid forum allows it. G&A is like an off-topic. It's not harshly moderated, so you can easily post without worrying about spamming.

      And your thing about "Don't edit somone else's work" is just your opinion. If it's not a law, or a rule, that you can't edit someone's post, there is absolutely NO reason you should need to use your moderator powers just to state YOUR opinion. That is all you were doing. Enforcing YOUR opinion.

      Like I said, you could have easily posted something. You don't have to have a CnC, because technically, it's not against the rules in the G&A. Moderators only edit it when it gets OUT OF HAND. I believe that was NOT out of hand.
    10. RightSideTheory
      I didn't have any CnC to say about Multi's work (though I may come up with something in a bit, just because he's a friend), so instead of spamming I just edited my little comment onto his post.

      I didn't attack him, I didn't do anything direct about it, I kept my tone civil. Also, I didn't change anything he posted, therefore it's not censorship.

      I fail to see how that's "abusing" my moderation powers.
    11. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      Nah, I pulled a cheap trick on you guys. My bad.
    12. loshon
      Crap, I completely spaced the focus on text for the contest.

      Maybe next time I'll get it right... :( Oh well, t'was fun!
    13. EGP
      Come on guys, we need more votes.

      Thanks for taking out time for voting EGP

      no problem
    14. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      When I find that this site has completely lost it's edge, and when your site becomes a bit more active. Also, I really don't feel like making another account. The whole thing is too frustrating.
    15. RightSideTheory
      When would "done" be?
    16. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      No. I'll kill that forum when I'm done with this.
    17. RightSideTheory
      ImagenSkins Forum
    18. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      Well that came out of nowhere. What do you want it to say?
    19. Matty
      you should make a sig like penguinish'es
    20. Grave Robber
      Grave Robber
      I don't know if you have forgotten but I'm wondering if you still wanted to work on that colab, I've been busy with life and never got around to it yet but now that I got my diploma I have 3 months of free time.
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