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Oct 28, 1985 (Age: 35)
Gardner, KS
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Fenix Hulk

Promethean, 35, from Gardner, KS

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May 29, 2013
    1. REMkings

      This is extremely lame to ask, but I'm doing it anyway. I know you really liked my map 8 O'Clock Reminiscence and it's now up for voting in the latest FHF. Could you do me a favor and vote for that map? It would be great to see it end up in the top results. :)
      Thanks in advance!

    2. Oli The G
      Oli The G

      I might have a bit of free time next week, so would you fancy a quick trailer of Curb Stomp? It really is tremendously done!

      - Oli
    3. Monolith
      It was entertaining, but to continue it would've been a nightmare in some ways. They pile on like nothing else lol
    4. Monolith
      Yeah, I feel sorry for you on that is there a god thread. Matty is one of the biggest atheists out there... and everyone else just kinda joins the band wagon. Believe me, I've experienced it too. You'll get little to nothing done in a thread like that as long as it's 5+ non-religious against one religious. Funny thing is they complain about being berated for being atheists while they go and berate theists online. The trick is in being humble about it, don't let them get to ya. Food for thought since I've been there.
    5. cluckinho
      My message in that thread was for everyone.

      I love a good heated conversation, but insults towards each other aren't cool.
    6. cluckinho
      I can read deleted posts, dude.
    7. PacMonster1
      When you say something offensive that insults me I have every right to reciprocate in kind. If someone shits on my parade what am I supposed to say to that person? Thank you kind sir, I like it when people try to ruin my stuff? You did a rude thing, so I called you a rude name befitting the rude act. Thus is life.
    8. PacMonster1
      Are you for real? You can say whatever the hell you want to say. I'm not saying you can't say "old news". I'm saying that saying just that in a discussion thread is a very rude thing to do. Because, again, the point of the thread isn't to share the latest news with the world as if to say, "I'm the only person who knows this, now you know it to", it's to discuss the prospect of going to mars based on the news. Whether that news is 10 minutes old, 1 year old, or twenty years old that doesn't change the point of the discussion. Whether I personally knew about it or not has no bearing on others opinions on the subject nor yours. If you don't care to talk about it, that's cool too, you can choose to just not participate in the discussion, but you didn't do that. You chose to participate by invalidating the point of the thread while not adding anything of merit to the discussion AND THAT is what makes you an asshole.
    9. PacMonster1
      And the fact that you come off like an asshole while saying just that doesn't bother you in anyway?
    10. PacMonster1
      I wasn't looking for your approval of whether or not I can make a thread. I'm trying to explain to you that it's a discussion thread. Saying just "old news" and nothing else is an incredibly assholeish thing to say in a thread (this isn't reddit or youtube where those kind of comments are fine because everyone else is an asshole). That's not discussion, that's basically saying "this isn't worth discussing" because at some point it was known about before now. I'm not stating in the thread that this is brand spanking new information. I'm asking a question based on the news and want to see what people's opinions on the matter are. Great that we can see information about it on some discovery channel thing that's now probably buried on the internet (I did a quick search and it didn't come up), if there's anything particularly interesting you want to talk about regarding it that's what "discussion threads" are for.
    11. PacMonster1
      I don't want to repeat myself in the thread. Again. I don't care if it's old news (and 1 year ago isn't "years", the oldest information I was able to find about Mars One goes back to April, 2012 Announcements - Mars One). It's a discussion thread. For discussing. Great that you knew about it before, but since your knowledge doesn't constitute the knowledge base of every single other person, it might still be news for some. Also, as I said, it's a discussion thread. Since there wasn't one here a year ago, and there is one now, it can be discussed now, regardless of how "old news" it is. I can open up a discussion about the murder of Lincoln if I wanted to. If you don't want to talk about it, fine, stay out of the thread and keep your hipster glasses on, but don't be an ass about it in the thread.
    12. ♥ Sky
      ♥ Sky
      You made me cry.
    13. ♥ Sky
      ♥ Sky
      In response to rating my sig:



    14. Organite
      You have really got to stop barraging this forum with brilliant maps.
      My brain can't take much more!
    15. Skisma
      Sounds good man, that'll be perfect.
    16. Auburn
      Awesome, thanks a lot, Hulk.
    17. Grif otaged
      Grif otaged
      That map preview was ****ing amazing. I'd love to see that finished in the future.
    18. TMR Legend
      TMR Legend
      Hulk we should release a urban map pack!
    19. Noooooch
      I've been lurking here for a while and have seen many map previews from you with great looking threads, a lot of views and many replies. Personally, I dislike overly-flashy maps like Curb Stomp. I prefer to see a clean, sterile and minimalist work space. Flashy aesthetics involving gimmicky aesthetics just dull maps for me, because like you often say, it still looks like a forged map.

      I saw that you were reluctant to stay here at Forgehub and I highly recommend you visit Halocouncil.com. Your map may be well received there, and it has a much different vibe there than here. Give it a shot.
    20. Noooooch
      I'm guessing you already know that I'm not offended by the fact that you used my map as a comparison to your map. You can argue that Serum has bad aesthetics, but it is definitely better looking than it was on Erosion. I understand your points about aesthetic noise. Serum was created in Reach and it looked MUCH cleaner then (brace, larges were so smooth) and the map didn't quite translate that well aesthetically into H4. That's all I will say to defend Serum's aesthetics.

      I just feel like you took an opportunity to boast your map to begin with. Your first comment was arrogant in my opinion. To be honest, I don't even really care. It just seemed like you tried to take a shot at me as retaliation for our disagreements in the "Press Button for Rocket Launcher" thread. So, that's what I assumed what had happened.

      I'm probably wrong and I'll just apologize for assuming such a thing.
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    Oct 28, 1985 (Age: 35)
    Gardner, KS
    Full Time Student @ Arts Institute
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