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Aug 5, 2020
    1. Soup Sensei
      Soup Sensei
      Lol i give up on the whole QKT thing, I respect matty cause he listens. I have worked out that QKT is simply doing the whole "jealous" thing. Every time i come on here he is lurking doing next to nothing. So clearly he is just mad that i actually go out and do stuff with my friends.

      He then claims its bragging and he is trying to teach me a lesson but really he is mad because i do things he doesn't. It finally hit me when he started talking about when i was talking about my GF and how i annoy her parents, thats not exaggerated, in fact surely its quite common for a guy to have a GF and to annoy her parents? Unless of course YOU DON'T HAVE A GF AND YOUR NAME IS QKT!!!!
    2. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      You know that you can delete your own posts right?
    3. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      Ah damnit, I wanted that reward :(
    4. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      Yeah, that sounds like it might be cool. I don't know if I have much free time in my schedule, and my xbox connection has been shabby recently, but if you send me a friend request I can try to work something out.

      I also fixed your second image, it looks pretty nice with that link and everything. You just used the wrong URL, and it was linking to the webpage. I do it all the time too, and its the only problem I have with ImageShack :P
    5. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      I'll see what I can do.
    6. PacMonster1
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