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    1. idiotninja
      How much do you want to bet FrankFries won't post back to Nitrous?
    2. Nitrous
      Micro and macro don't exist. Its just evolution. Macro and micro evolution are concepts that were abandoned in the 1920's as our understanding of evolution increased. It's been recently picked up by creationists as a means to disprove evolution.
    3. idiotninja
      Bye, oh and I also have a precalc test tomorrow. So good luck!
    4. idiotninja
      I feel like that would not really fit in the Evolution thread. Man I still can not believe you just pwnd him. He has not posted back yet either! So do you really like Biology?
    5. idiotninja
      DUDE I saw! Man holy crap, was that off the top of your head? The only thing I disagree with is the conscience one. I believe no one has a conscience it is just what we call our motives for being good. I mean lets say I rob a store. Then my "conscience" degrades me for it. I feel really guilty and what not. I believe that is just how we precieve our subconscious working. In reality our subconscious knows that we could get caught and get into trouble with the law, but knows we don't care about that, so it needs a different reason to watch out for us. I worded this kind of bad, sorry.
    6. idiotninja
    7. idiotninja
      I know. I have to go shower I will be back soon.
    8. idiotninja
      Ummm has he posted back yet? Also he can not selectively only believe what some teachers say and not others. He believes his math teachers easily enough, but not Bio?
    9. idiotninja
      I do not like the stick fellow. (>_<) Man he is the highest point of idiocy in the world right now. I showed his posts to a couple of religious friends ranging from not very religious to VERY religious. They all though he was going about the debate in the wrong way...and that he was not making sense. I don't know what made him have these insane views, but I do not think he will ever budge. I will try though. Did you see my post?
    10. idiotninja
      Dude I know, these two guys have no logic behind their arguments. I think you are making perfect sense. This newB guy has a little logic, but the second he started saying that there is no sin, but still free will I lost respect for him. I don't know how to win debates with people like these. I am going to join the debate soon.
    11. Nitrous
      Yeah, it was fun while it lasted.
    12. TDH
      Forge Hub Halo Forums - We <3 Electro
    13. Nitrous
      I definitely recommend these: Carbonate Deposition, stratigraphy of the era, and the distribution and evolution of micro-organisms.
    14. Nitrous
      What specifically would you like me to show is a fallacy? I can eliminate one now. My blog on entropy.
    15. PhantomHero
      Lawl, I shall refrain from the smiting for now... young cavalier
    16. PhantomHero
      From?? FROM??? I programmed it!
    17. Dizfunky
      Can you take that dot out of your signature? You joined Oct '08 and you don't even know what it is for.
    18. makisupa007
      I think it has to do with reading comprehension. There are many people that can read something thoroughly, retain nothing, and then vehemently disagree. It's frustrating and fun at the same time though. It's like shooting fish in barrels, but the fish don't know they've been shot.
    19. haruki jitsunin
      haruki jitsunin
      Yeah, but I still wouldn't say that evolution is an exclusive idea to evolutionists, but my semantics might not be up to date. It's been a while since I've been on the debating scene.
    20. G043R
      I disagree... I have a text book Literally in front of me saying other wise. Dude... church records can be faked ... his works could be faked... as well so MAny other things... and those paintings are false... THERE IS NO PICTURE OF Him....
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