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Jul 24, 2010
    1. xWooden leafx
      xWooden leafx
      hey, remember your user graphics thread? have you forgotten about it? want to hand the project over to someone else if you dont have the time or something?
      i think you had a good idea, so i would hate to see it not happen.
    2. Insane54
      Hey, want to do our 1v1? I'll be on for a while tonight, starting at 8 PM EST.
    3. LieutenantLambo
      The map is going through some major changes, so, not sure if I should even bring this up...you may have to make another video :(. If you want to be professional, you can make another video (And use it as an example of your work on your thread). The first one was great, but because of the changes it's going through, it may be inevitable. Still, your video, your choice ;D
    4. Camel Carcass
    5. Short Bizzle
      Short Bizzle
      its gonna have to be tomorrow around 8-9 est
    6. Darkdragon
      OK if you are ready for the 1V1 Message Darkdragon274
    7. xWooden leafx
      xWooden leafx
      hey man. dont forget about the thingy with the logos you were doing.
      when is the last time you looked at it?
    8. Mischgasm
      So you make money just from having a couple flash games out there? That's pretty cool.
    9. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Well, I would like to try to find a new logo, but I'm fine with the style right now. And I can't do a post in GnA because it is technically advertising.
    10. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Well, the problem is I'm not too good at picturing things. Like I said before, if you looked at my site and had an idea, could you possibly like do a rough thing for me?
    11. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Hey, I noticed your graphics. They were very good, I have to say. But I have to ask you something. If you have some time in the future, could you check out my site: Sour Grunt Productions • Portal. We've been looking for some new rank images, and I really enjoy your style.

      Thanks :)
    12. Insane54
      This is true. Our cookies aren't just little bags of cookies. No, they are bags filled with delicious Cookies of Resilience +5!
    13. Insane54
      Unfortunately our planes occasionally go down, but no big deal! Our expert flight attendants will be there for you at all times, with light refreshments and those little bags of cookies and such snacks.
    14. Insane54
      I like the quality of your posts and thought process. Hope to see you around in the future alot; I really like when we have new (or at least, newly active) members that can actually think and post intelligently, and of course will do whatever I can in my power to keep your stay here enjoyable on Insane54 Airlines. If you ever need any help or anything, just message me :)
    15. Orange
      umm, the submissions ended yesterday and voting just started so your gonna have to wait until next week but it will be a different theme
    16. Randomstingray
      Please join halo-hub.com for free halo 3 video captures
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    Student, Graphic Licensing, Game and Web Design
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