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May 25, 2015 at 2:51 PM
Feb 3, 2011
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Sep 13, 1990 (Age: 32)
Chicago, Illinois

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Promethean, 32, from Chicago, Illinois

Forge Critic Senior Member
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May 25, 2015
    1. Shadowcat AZ
      Shadowcat AZ
      Its good to see you back on forgehub, have you created anything new?
    2. The Muppet King
      The Muppet King
      Friend request now!
      1. Eightball
        I'll be sending out friend requests to everyone tonight. How've you been bro?!
        Apr 18, 2015
    3. Chron
      Been pretty busy with college life atm. I'll try to check it over the weekend.

      Lub choo Eightboo <3 <3 <3
    4. Dax
      Well, oVR actually owns this ****, but I'll be doing my part to keep things going 'round these parts. :)
    5. The Muppet King
      The Muppet King
      I'm fine. I'm still forging, incase you were wondering. I have returned to other map editing tools like SDK and Hammer which are pretty much the same.
    6. The Muppet King
      The Muppet King
      What's your tag? Sictality? STOP CHANGING YOUR TAG!
    7. purely fat
      purely fat
      Yeah I still forge.
    8. The Muppet King
      The Muppet King
      1v1's have been getting scarce. We should get together and play some, just like we did in Reach.
    9. theSpinCycle
      Well, of course you murder people. Nobody in that playlist has any idea what they're doing.

      Boltshots, stickies, and camo/PV/jetpack off spawn are terrible. There are random crates added all over the maps. Personal Ordnance is a joke.

      Yeah, a lot of the people here have simply disappeared or don't really play Halo anymore (xzamplez + tyrant to name two). BTW Dax is running a 1v1 tournament, if you can get Carmine polished soon, you should talk to him about it. Most of the people who are left, idk. There are only a few who I know through Live - I haven't been nearly as active here as I used to be.

      Beyond has a forge forum as well, but the moderating is harsher and Schnitzel + crew are banned there already. Plus overkill is cool.
    10. theSpinCycle
      it's infinity slayer

      aka the thing that nobody likes.

      I'll add you later, friends are using my box right now.
    11. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo

      Where are you?
    12. Hulter
      what are you on about?
    13. Auburn
      You should get back in the game man. I haven't been forging nearly as much as I used to., hahaha. Forgeblock can be a bitc.h
    14. Auburn

      Are you Boxing Beats on XBL?
    15. SilentJacket
    16. SilentJacket
      I really don't know

      start a thread in customer service?

      though I hear, that such threads have been purged by oVr himself...
    17. xECLIPSEx
      I will always have a passion for forge! Even though it is getting harder for me to create good map designs. I can show you some of my ideas and current maps I have planned :3
    18. SilentJacket
      did you see this?

    19. xECLIPSEx
      Haha its because of how bad of a rating the site has because of the swearing. My GT is Grineer, my birthday is coming up next week so I wont be on for another week and a half, but I am looking forward to seeing some of your maps!
    20. theSpinCycle
      The next Halo this quickly is ridiculous. They couldn't even finish Halo 4 before release, much less finish it by now. There are still tons of custom game options in the menus that say they do one thing and do nothing when you flip them... TBH the only reason that I play this game for are the mods.. that's pretty much all I'm playing in customs these days..

      Speaking of which, Overkill makes those. Perhaps Forgehub will get interesting soon..
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    Sep 13, 1990 (Age: 32)
    Chicago, Illinois
    NEW GT: Fearsly
    Halo 4's forge ****ing blows.

    BasketballBasketballBasketball, Forge, Erupt horn tooting., Pool, Video games, Skeet Shooting.