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Jan 3, 2013 at 9:05 AM
Jan 14, 2008
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Dec 5, 1987 (Age: 35)
Chicago, Illinois

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Draw the Line

Ancient, 35, from Chicago, Illinois

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Jan 3, 2013
    1. pyro
      hbd btb guy
    2. Skater
      Happy Birthday good mapmaker dude!
    3. Rorak Kuroda
      Rorak Kuroda
      Happy Fapday!
    4. Black Theorem
      Black Theorem
      In regards to your post, if you can at least access the forum page, try switching to the mobile skin. Are you using the default android browser?
    5. Frozenlynx
      DtL...Y u no go online today?
    6. Frozenlynx
      So tomorrow (today)...I'll try and be up at 11am my time...sooo...that's either noon or 1pm your time. Do you think you could be so kind as to download the maps? I use my roommates xbox live account and have no access to his Live ID in order to download the maps from bnet.
    7. Insane54
      Shouldn't be, but I dont know for sure.
    8. Insane54
    9. Eightball
      Yo man, you get my message?
    10. squidhands
      Right on. I've been a bit disappointed with the MLG community as of late, but I'd love to see what you've got when you're ready.

      It's symmetrical, which is something I'm not used to. I'll happily show it to you whenever. The contest is taking a while, don't really know why. Good thing; I've lost the desire to forge lately. Kind of hit a wall design-wise, I guess.
    11. squidhands
      I hope it goes your way too, Precipice is a damned fine map. It'll be very interesting to see how 343 takes the reins.

      I've been working on a map for the 2v2 tournament, so I haven't been able to show anyone other than staff what it is. Don't have a problem showing you; I'd imagine you could keep a secret. But to be honest, seeing the other maps in contention, I'm not that happy with it. Seems to basic compared to all the others. Oh well.

      You got anything else in the works?
    12. squidhands
      lol, thanks. I'd guess that the voting data didn't hold the map in high regard, but I was happy to get it in there for at least a while. At least you got the star nameplate for a while before everyone else gets it.
    13. squidhands
      I totally forgot to tell you congrats on getting Precipice into matchmaking. :-)
    14. Frozenlynx
      I can't dl maps from here; I have to use the tag system in the game and search from there. I'd be happy to help you out with that.
    15. SargeantSarcasm
      I actually started out with a message... then it became that right after "Hi."
    16. SargeantSarcasm
      Hi, I just started a Bnet clan for you specifically. I have spent several years of my life dedicating this site to you. I would appreciate it if you joined, as I'm trying to get everyone to know you support it. Link

      Edit: Oh, apparently underlining and thinking realllllly hard about where you want the word to send you doesn't qualify as a valid link.
    17. Equin0x
      Hello, I just finished making a Bnet clan for Forgehub specifically. I have spent several days making the many Halls of Fame up to date. I would appreciate it if you joined, as I am trying to get all well-known members to join. Link
    18. Insane54
      I do have it, yes. :D I just like to keep old versions just in case...have you tested it yet?
    19. Insane54
      Excellente! You kept the old version in case, I hope?
    20. Insane54
      Hm, interestinggggg. I like the thought, definitely worth seeing if it would work out.
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    Dec 5, 1987 (Age: 35)
    Chicago, Illinois
    Draw the Line
    I am a student at NIU studying to be a graphic artist. I am addicted to just about anything Halo, and of course I love to forge.

    Drawing, Building, Videogames