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    1. luckiesnipes
      The Collection Pack right??? Yeah Im not sure anyone will care if you repost all your zombie horde maps in one big post, I dont get why you make fun of me for not posting a map, which I actually posted Territory Flag about a month ago, I've been busy with my life, sorry.
    2. Insane54
      I never took either side. If he had posted an argument about you I would have done the same thing. We just don't want such an argument on the forums, that's your business, not the site's.

      One thing I do recommend you take with you, regardless of if you stay on this site or not, is an idea of how sites work and how hard it is for a conspiracy to work. There's a whole lot of people out there who read much farther into something than there is, they get told stuff and they believe that. In a word, gullible. I'm not saying that's a fault at all, but you should keep an eye out for it in your future; here it doesn't mean much but when people start going on and on about how 9/11 was done by the US government...that's pretty much the same logic process, and that's not something you want to be in your future.

      So, whatever you end up thinking, good luck, whether you leave or not.
    3. luckiesnipes
      Im sorry Im just done arguing with you, I make a great counter point to most of what you saying and you respond with "F*** YOU, you F****** prick." your right Bonus round was bungies idea, I dont know quite how i will do it in reach yet but if I do it will be good, I promise:). If you are going to leave then do it, stop announcing it and not following through.
    4. Insane54
      I think you've been told a significantly different truth about G043R than what it is. Overall I think your view on sites in general is a little off reality.

      Also, we don't ban unnecessarily. If you don't want to come, you can stop coming.
    5. luckiesnipes
      Ok, first easy on the swearing its just starting to get imature. The fact you cancelled Zombie Horde because of me is quite humorus actually because it just tells me how insecure you are. The fact that you made a thread whining to forgehub that I wasn't nice to you is even more immature. And you turned people against yourself when you became a jerk and started flaming people to death (remember I didn't voice message you back until the 3rd message you sent me). I dont start fights I only finish them. And Bonus Round Will only get better in Reach because it will no longer be an infection game but a firefight variant.
    6. luckiesnipes
      Was your goal in that thread to inform people that you were done with zombie horde or try to turn them against me?
    7. Organite
      Noooo! Revive Deadport!

      It's on the 2nd page already =(
    8. cluckinho
    9. cluckinho
      It's spelled defense, with an s, not a c
    10. Scottash
    11. a0puncfan
      it'll be easier on reach tho, i hear no-clip and stuff will be like the farcry 2 map editor!
    12. Jellofish777
      Thats about a month and a bit, I still think you should hold off and maybe make it a "beta" till reach comes out, but hey whatever floats your Pelican.
    13. jameslieb1
      Lol i know, I was just throwing it out there.
    14. Kyler
      No, just a name
    15. BabyBaconStrips
      no he isnt you newb i finished rome
    16. Organite
      Sure I'm interested.

      I'm glad you set it for june 30th.

      I've already got something planned for the Foreign Treasures thing.
    17. Organite
      Say, when you posting ZH map pack 3?
    18. chrstphrbrnnn
      Nope you don't have to, it's just an option
    19. PatchworkZombie
      No it's in the skybox, and I know that sounds stupid but it allows saved objects when I don't have to build the two tall wall, (adjacent to sniper spawn and also the opposite wall) Basically the plan was to build those walls as railings made of wedge long, instead of tall walls.
    20. PatchworkZombie
      Ok fair enough, i'll let you download my sword base remake but only because I have it on hold right now. Keep forging it and adding to it until I finish up with Vorpal's map and then show me it, but if I want to change or delete some things you've done dont be mad lol. Add me GT = PatchworkZombie
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