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Feb 27, 2011
    1. Whisper
      I love you. So much. SO FRIGGIN MUCH!
    2. DimmestBread
      I'd just like to ask what makes your Legit screenshot better than any of the others I've seen? I mean they all have a certain color and then straight letters so they all seem the same? just wondering.
    3. CaMOfo
    4. Scobra

      By the way, it's my opinion. Accept or disprove of it, it isn't going to ever change. It is also my opinion that Major League Gaming is a joke in the profit made from it. Gaming to me is about having fun with a little competitively on the side. Competitive play shouldn't be made based around money and sponsorships. I don't care about pro's or any of that ****.

      Before I block you, I have one final question: How does it feel to be completely unintelligent in all aspects as well as ignorant to the highest degree? Pretty good? Well, that's your opinion and it doesn't matter to me in the very least. What I think about the subject shouldn't matter to you either. Grow up and deal with it.
    5. Scobra

      Kid, just please stop talking. You are sounding stupid as hell. I only made a comparison to how he said that if it sells, sell it. I never once made a comparison to slavery to screenshots. Slavery is wrong. Selling things that have absolutely no value at all for a price is wrong as well, which is why selling screenshots is wrong. You're basically cheaping ignorant children out of their money for something that could be recreated for free in half an hour tops.

      I admit, I don't make a lot of money. In fact, money too me is the least important thing in my life. I have no care in you having more than me. I'm only taking a stab at how unethical you are being for doing what you do.
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