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Sep 27, 2010
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Aug 12, 2019
    1. NukeOhio2024
      Come back Darth, Halo Reach custom games needs you
    2. Faulk Smash
    3. EmptyDarkness17
      Hey Darth I'm new here and I know that you're a legend at making Forge maps I've played them and they're intense! Think I could friend you and hang out on Halo sometime? I understand if you reply No to this you probably have a bunch of people that do this to you often and it gets annoying so again I'll understand.
    4. mackattack
      how do you download your map "landslide"
    5. oomishday3
      i was thinking about making a map like your nom nom yum yum thing where one team drives on shield door in the middle and the defending team has to EMP them from a small distance. i wanted to run it past you to see if it was a good idea and to see if you cared if i totally stole your idea for that style of map. or i was thinking it could be a weird version like armor walkers where you have to simply stop the vehicles from making it across the 'light bridge' and bigger vehicles are worth more points. and shield door can be placed at angles so smaller vehicles can ramp them and yeah, plenty of ideas if you have any interest just send me a message. even a message saying you think it's a waste of time would be appreciated :D
    6. Mr flopper
      Mr flopper
      plz send me a freind request im new to forge hub so i dont know
    7. caughtsword4
      You know, I think I just downloaded every single one of your minigame maps. You should make more! I've tried Avalanche, Landslide, Nom Nom, and toilet. I gotta try the others though.

      EDIT: Downloaded all the stuff that is on your fileshare.
    8. H00dedC00k1e
      I have a map for the Halo Forge Epidemic. I'm not exactly sure how to give you a map or recommend one, so ill improvise. My gamertag is H00dedC00k1e. Check my file share. The map is an ifection map called "zm_Fourhills Manor" look it up. I would be really pleased to see your feedback on it. and very happy if to possibly see it on a new episode.

    9. A 7ft Sasquatch
      A 7ft Sasquatch
      hey darth, i got the link to you, and i got another map if you liked the last one
    10. Organite
      grats on arty bro :]
    11. Eightball
      Congratulations on Artisan, man.
    12. Zatherla
      Green! You deserve it, congrats.
    13. pyro
      lol yeah. You got the updated dl link right at least.
    14. pyro
      You linked to the angst thread in the spectre video description
    15. pyro
      You mean the spectre thumbnail currently on the angst video?
    16. pyro
      Nice thumbnail on the angst video ;)
    17. MacoroniMayorTOFU
      Hey, Darth! I have been making a minigame lately, but I ran into a few problems. First the scoring wasn't working. I figured out a way to fix it, but as soon as that was fixed the golf balls weren't spawning. I triple checked the labels, kill boundaries and much more. I don't know what to do I really need your help. Please help me. My gamertag is MacoroniMayor. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.
    18. picklepig7
      My GT is my username: picklepig7
    19. picklepig7
      hi, making a cool infection map but can't get a few things to work right. Wondering if you could help me out.
    20. CameronGillin10
      Hello, Darth I was wondering if you could give me some usefull tip for my forge maps to make them perfection. Also if you want to add me my gamertag is Frost x Blood please add me if you can.
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