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Feb 4, 2017
    1. Short Bizzle
      Short Bizzle
      sorry have to reschedule again... I have to work a double 2mrw so I wont be getting on till 11est
    2. Short Bizzle
      Short Bizzle
      I'll be on 2mrw from 6-8 est
    3. ssaladfingerss
      Hey, sorry for the timing, the score is submitted. Good game!
    4. Shad0w Viper
      Shad0w Viper
      If for some reason a plyer doesn't submit the score after a match I can submit the score for them if I'm provided with a link to the game and something that proves that the gamertag being used belongs to the member on the site.
    5. Dewski
      That's annoying, after awhile ask them to confirm them and if they don't confirm them or respond you can bring the issue to Shadow Viper and he will most likely help you sort it out.
    6. Dewski
      I have no idea how it works, the whole thing is automatic, so maybe if you beat someone of a higher rank you get more points? I don't really know, but it should work itself out in the end, if it doesn't they'll just use the win-loss records
    7. Jolley34
      its maybe best u decline it then? , beacuse I dont wanna play in lag :S
    8. SparTan Ad1
      SparTan Ad1
      Hey em what do I have to do to play against a gamer from the ladder? I messaged 2 guys but till now they didnt send me an answer
    9. MultiLockOn
      You have an awesome sig, did you make it? :D
    10. SmokinWaffle
      Who made the sig?
    11. SmokinWaffle
      Did you make it?
    12. SmokinWaffle
      Your sig is beast.
    13. Scobra
      136. Though an IQ is just an estimation of ones intelligence. It is irrelevant.
    14. Typhlosean
      I asked you first
    15. Typhlosean
      What's your IQ?
    16. Scobra
        /ˈreɪsɪzəm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA
      Use racist in a Sentence
      See web results for racist
      See images of racist
      1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

      Nothing I said was racist. You are just making it out to be racist. I even stated that slavery is retarded and shouldn't be done. The whole assumed 'racist' post was sarcastic and aimed at your comment that 'if it sells, sell it.' Obviously, slavery would sell. Is it wrong? In my opinion (and others) yes. Is cheaping ignorant children out of their money for something pointless that could be recreated in about thirty minutes wrong? Again, I think it is. There is nothing embarrassing about this. What's embarrassing is that you are being entirely hypocritical and ignorant and can't comprehend something as simple as this.
    17. Agamer
      I don't know man.

      If you can think of something that would be cool, but I have a better chance of getting my 20 emails, so if I were you I would try and find some ways to get your message out. If anything I can help you. I spent like ten minutes typing up a persuasive message to pull in some people. I can let you use it, but you are not allowed to do it on here. You should know that. I'll pm the message to you if you'd like it.
    18. Agamer
      I feel your pain, due to copyrights I decided to remove about 20 of my videos so I wouldn't get banned. lol
    19. Agamer
      Well, right now I'm sending my message out to my subscribers.
      I'll probably do half of them today and half tomorrow or maybe all of them today.

      It's going to take a while though. There is 25 pages with 40 subscribers on each page. Thank god for copy pasta. Hopefully, my subscribers will respond. But yeah, if I manage to get past twenty I'll send you the extra emails I receive.
    20. Agamer
      It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I only have three accepted people so far.
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