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    1. Stevo
      And yeah actually, I kinda hoped some people's eyes would be opened. I don't want the appreciation or thanks because I'm no longer contributing, I want the continuous staff to receive it instead.
    2. Stevo
      For the last time, it had NOTHING to do with that. I'd already made the decision to stand down before anyone even posted in that thread. I've been so depressed for the last month I didn't want that to affect any writing (which it clearly has, since you're so convinced I stepped down because someone else said my articles weren't entertaining). Did it ever occur to you that I simply don't give a **** what you or them think? There are plenty of people who did like my articles which is why they didn't change. Those people are here on this site for the actual purpose the site was created as well. I can't remember the last time I saw you contribute anything to this site, but what do I know, right?

      Before you start making judgments of me, get to actually know me first. Don't jump to the conclusion you think you know everything about me because you've read a persona I created to keep the majority of the sites contributors happy.
    3. Stevo
      and again...

      The point isn't about me. I don't want people to start saying thank you of out guilt, I want people on this site to cut the staff some slack for once in a while and let them do what they need to do to keep the site running. I don't know if you've ever been staff, but it's not as simple as just smacking some words together last minute and hoping for the best. It's especially hard to plan anything when people are based all around the globe and often when you're waiting for an answer, and answer can take anywhere between 1 and 72 hours to appear. It isn't easy stuff, so give them some slack and let them live their lives.

      Again, this isn't about me, and it never was. I only posted in that thread because people used me as an example.
    4. Stevo

      No one really thinks about how much shock actually does behind the scenes (mainly with the part about the vb4 changeover, which no one ever sees him do) and never considered that he might not actually have the time to sit around for 24 hours and listen to everyone's conflicting opinions and personal benefits to having them on or off the site. He made a decision and no matter which way his decision would have been, someone would still have bitched about it.
    5. Stevo
      Dude, I know...

      My point was no matter how hard any staff member works, it's never good enough for SOME people. There are always complaints and there will always be complaints.

      For example, the signature discussion this week. It was requested by some members to remove the signatures, they got removed, and then a massive uproar occured because the decision was made too hastily. This then triggered people arguing about how shock shouldn't have done anything without discussing it first and basically bitched at him and other people supporting the decision in the thread.
    6. Stevo
      lol, I know I'm not. I'm clumsy and I obviously see my point a lot clearer than when I try and explain it.

      However, I didn't also see it fit to say I'm depressed in a thread for anyone to see... although I see the irony as it's now on my profile wall instead of in PM ¬_¬

      Basically, Chuck, I was trying to make a point that people need to give the staff some slack as they aren't paid to contribute to the site every week/month/year, they do it out of the good of their heart and if it weren't for them, this site wouldn't exist. Some points were addressed to me personally because some people directed examples at my articles.

      I guess it was more so a 'read between the lines' post rather than a typical what you see is what you get.
    7. Stevo
      I'm not quitting for that reason, dude.

      I'm resigning because I'm completely depressed and ****ed up at the minute, and the last thing that I want is for this to come out in my writing on the front page. It's probably why the article I just posted seems so dull, because I literally have nothing good going at the minute.

      I don't expect praise, I just don't expect slander every 5 minutes for the decisions the staff decide to make. I also wasn't asking for it, because if you have to ask for gratitude, then it isn't sincere and becomes pointless in itself. I was making a point that, despite all our hard work we put in each week to keeping the site going and how we try to make the site more efficient and entertaining, we still don't get anything in return.

      And no, before you ask, that's not what has put me in such a depressive mood lately. So overall, I'm standing down because it's the right thing to do for the community, again.
    8. Stevo
      It wasn't about me, personally... It was an example that none of the staff ever get appreciation for the amount of time and effort they put into the site. They only ever get slated on things they do wrong, and belittled about every little thing that doesn't sit well with a handful of people.

      I couldn't really say that for definite, none of the staff have ever been thanked. I can only really vouch for myself, but maybe that's because quite a few people dislike me here anyway?
    9. Stevo
      How so?
    10. Shock Theta
      Shock Theta
      For serious. :P
    11. MultiLockOn
      Liking the sig :)
    12. Epic Tusk
    13. Epic Tusk
      Epic Tusk
      Greats. Twist. Ever.
    14. CaMOfo
      Watch the new Workaholics episode "Fat Cuz". A coincidence? I think nawt.
    15. RightSideTheory
      Yeah yeah, we hate each other, whatever

      Where can I watch the first few episodes of the new Avatar series without torrenting them?
    16. Penguinish
      your iron tusk avatar scares me.
    17. Organite
      tank ya :]
      Only person on the planet I want to bang knowing I could never do it :/
    18. Zatherla
      sorry i necro bumped your intro thread.
    19. thesilencebroken
    20. ♥ Sky
      ♥ Sky
      cool. her boobs are ****ed up, but shes still good..
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