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Apr 17, 1990 (Age: 30)
Nova Scotia, Canada

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Guardian, Male, 30, from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Feb 3, 2013
    1. Organite
      Hey do you have a list of all the maps we tested last night?
    2. Pegasi
      The Exynos sources issue - Yesterday Samsung started to push code on! : Android
    3. PatchworkZombie
      Hello, I was just wondering if it was possible to get my Forgehub username changed? For some bizarre reason I didn't make it the same as my gamertag.
    4. Eightball
      Thank you for your wonderful write-up on Pendant. :)
    5. Jex Yoyo
    6. Shad0w Viper
      Shad0w Viper
      That's her and I found her through a random video, she is awesome.
    7. cluckinho
    8. Adelyss
      2 weeks <3
    9. Pegasi
      Yeah it's still covered under warranty.
    10. Pegasi
      Ugh, sounds nasty.

      I miss my phone :(
    11. Pegasi
      Ouch, not even a self-restart?
    12. Pegasi
      I agree. That's why I'm still hoping for this rumour about multiple Nexus phones this generation to be true, more chances to get vanilla Android is only a good thing imo.
    13. Pegasi
      Just saw this!
    14. Pegasi
      Sony have nice build quality and, according to Codeworkx at least, how they treat developers is much better than Samsung.

      And I'm looking up Ness/Earthbound right now, still nothing. Sorry dude, really not that up on old school Nintendo stuff and I've never owned an SSB game.
    15. Pegasi
      I am seriously unlucky lol, though I think the main problem is that my phone shop use a crap repair service (my mate used to work for both that phone shop and the repair service, so I know how crap they can be) meaning bodged jobs. This time it came back and the original issue (dead left channel for headphones) has been fixed but they ****ed the SD card slot so it keeps losing connection.

      The volume options for Siyah in ExTweaks are just as good as the Dori ones I think, and they can up the volume so I can get it loud enough, but it still really annoying only have 4 gradations of volume. All too often I can choose between too loud and too quiet, and there are apps for finer adjustments but tbh I kinda just want a ROM that works.

      I really want to see how this LG Nexus turns out (was psyched about the possibility of a Sony Nexus until it turned out to be fake), and no I do not know who Ness is.
    16. Pegasi
      Thanks for the rundown. I was on RR for ages (since the start of ICS) and you're right that it isn't great for JB. It uses Siyah by default but for the last 2 versions has been basically unusable unless you switch to Dorimanx, I did that but then other stuff started going funny like the return of the media storage issue from ICS (where it won't play any music and you have to wipe media storage then wait for it to scan again, happens all the goddamn time). It also had the same volume issue which plagued ICS where only the first 4 increments do anything and it never reaches max volume, a further hindrance to music playing which just made me abandon it. I think I'm gonna try CM when my phone comes back from the shop for the third time!
    17. Pegasi
      You don't like the black GApps? I think they're boss, especially the black email widget.

      But yeah I've heard about the DPI settings, though don't they screw with some apps as well as icons like you said? You can do tablet mode in some launchers so that doesn't fuss me too much, and more specific DPI settings just don't appeal to me that much.

      How's stability (FCs etc.) compared to CM? The cool updating features of CM are becoming more and more appealing to me.
    18. Pegasi
      I heard it was pretty option heavy, what kinda stuff is there?
    19. Transactionzero
      Which member was posting lotsa new halo stuff in the h4 thread?
    20. pinohkio
      The lab? I didn't find it too hard, I did the first question before my parter got there, and then we worked through it together before I dumped the debugging on him before I left for Philosophy.
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    Apr 17, 1990 (Age: 30)
    Nova Scotia, Canada
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