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Jan 25, 2009
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Forerunner, from Texas

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Mar 23, 2013
    1. Rorak Kuroda
      Rorak Kuroda
      daaaaaamn son, it HAS been a while. I'm just enjoyin my holidays off, what about you?
    2. SilentJacket
      not to be picky, but you should probably shorten your sig...

      you can do what I did, make a link to a map page.
    3. CaptnSTFU
      Ya haha I lol'd at ur post love the map btw I'm on my iPhone sob I'll be on later
    4. ZombieGuitarist Alex
      ZombieGuitarist Alex
      sorry about that late friend request to you on here, it's malnack haha :D
    5. rusty290
      Its good to know you like that Streets. I changed some things in it. can I get your second opinion on it???
    6. LD
      Dude, wrong Thread, post it in the Submissions Thread
    7. Spaceneil8
      I can wait. I just want it done. The design is already done, so it shouldn't take too long to forge it. You'll know where to put every piece.

      I'm shooting for a summer release anyway. So when do you think you can start?
    8. Spaceneil8
      Are you interest in my design, Surreal? I just lost another forger and I'm looking for someone I can trust. Maybe it can give me and you another feature :).
    9. Gunnergrunt
      You now has Bungie Blog
    10. Urban Myth
      Urban Myth
      Congrats Captn, I've now inspired 2 amazing featured maps ;)
    11. Youtuber
      It was meant to be.

      I always loved it.
    12. Phenomenal
      Congrats dude!!!!!!
    13. luckiesnipes
      I posted FF here as well because I wanted some more feedback. We didn't really get any because everyone at XF was just asking questions
    14. Devil95
      I got 5 Maps Finished and Ready to go. Heres the problem, Im still building 2 more. Total: 7. Im think Zombie Horde DLC Pack and Zombie Horde DLC Pack 2. Heres why:

      7 Maps is alot of maps to place in 1 single post. I dont want to double post cause I could get banned. Well thats what the rules said. Is that true?
    15. The Bloody Beetroots
      The Bloody Beetroots
      Oh no! Play with the max, it helps the video. More action to film for me. I most likely wont be online to test anyways.
    16. The Bloody Beetroots
      The Bloody Beetroots
      Alrighty then, if you want I can choose a song that fits the video as I have a massive library and its a bit easier on me. Also, how many does the map support again? Because if I am going to test it can't be large, my connection is bad. I can do a 6-8 max players in a game if I want a lag free to mild lag. 8+ gets bad 16 is hell.
    17. The Bloody Beetroots
      The Bloody Beetroots
      Hello there. If you want that video I just need a few things. Here are a they are.
      1)A game play video with the highest amount of players the map supports.
      2)A song you would like in the video(No screamo, or Rap.)
      3)Finally, the video will be uploaded here.
    18. Devil95
      I just say your map preview of the ODST Mini Pack. I was coming up with an ODST Street map. Where the ODST Slayer/Slaughter would have made a huge amount of Gameplay. I would love to help you with this Mini Pack. We could combined Halo:Ghost Zombie Hoard DLC Pack and ODST Mini Pack. The Pack would have to be something ODST. Because lets face it. Both of them have ODST's In it. Zombie Hoard is an Infection Gametype. Where it has Firefight's Fun with the complex of Infection. The maps I have already been planned are very different then the last one. Anyway PM and Give me a response.
    19. patt06snipe
      Haha, I just wanted to make the statement that I find your name very comical. Not in a bad way, but I look at it and it just makes me laugh and say, hahah wth? Yaa random, but I had to tell you :P
    20. Rorak Kuroda
      Rorak Kuroda
      Hello, captn. I've been meaning to tell you there is a pretty basic problem with your conquest map. I completely forgot that the rules of conquest say that wherever you are on a map, you must be capturing a territory. Which means you need to extend the middle territory of Descended Vale To encompass the side areas. Just thought I'd let you know. :D
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    Coder/Game Designer
    Hi im Jeff D. 18 of Texas i play alot of Halo from CE to H3 iv been with the game, im an MLG freak i go to alot of the tournys and am going this year as well. I just learned how to do stuff in Forge and came here to post what iv made and see how it pans out.

    Games, Computer stuff


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