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Promethean, from chicago IL.

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Dec 23, 2012
    1. chrstphrbrnnn
      Thanks man I appreciate it. I've been busy but I'll definitely be back around and releasing soon. I'll check those maps out too.
    2. bannanaphone99
      coruption finaly i got on line made a acount remember me u helped in my pe class
    3. Brenton
      just so u know there is a reason why im tkd forge team leader now and I have every right to be mad, i did do that much work on your map and on MINE and you took a huge advantage of my age. I did so much of the work that made the map good because your maps play bad, so as long as I dont get my credit i have every right to be mad and BtW cliffside does suck, and your cold fusion map, remember i gave you ideas and you didnt take them and guess what it turned out terrible. "whats a hot chick with just a pretty face?" im done waising my time with you, you so ignorant and think your better than everyone
    4. C0RRUPTl0N
      Well, now I just saw that he re-posted Cliffside and said he did 75% of the work and that my maps suck, and that he did one of my other maps and basically trash talked me the entire time.. This doesn't surprise me.. A few months ago I started to work on a massive project and kinda stayed off line and off forge hub.. So in my absence he did all this sabitoge, wow I am never working with him agian! If you want attention do the work your self! Outrageous!
    5. C0RRUPTl0N
      Just so everyone is clear.. Brenton ruined my cliffside thread with a massive spam fight and I mentioned that he had something to do with the design in the thread.. No he was not the designer, and after this he deserves no credit.. My god, I've been cooking up something big for the past 4 months.. And Brenton's def. not seeing it until it posts. Wow... No one should take credit for anothers work.
    6. Brenton
      Hey Corruption i just want you to knoe that im soooo thankfull for how you stole all my hard work and 2 months of my life on this map i really appreciate it and deals off im not selling you my "mello 78" map uncompleted and you need to rethink what you did to me. im gonna get banned so i wont b able to post back.
    7. sourdauer
      actually yeah, i just posted a new map CONCOURSE BLUE
    8. sourdauer
      r u unbanned yet?
    9. Dow
      Hey, add me on XBL.
    10. Youtuber
      Would you stfu in the shoutbox unless you want to give us some pics, or something. Stop telling about it unless you've got something to show.
    11. TKD xspartanx
      TKD xspartanx
      OMFG i downloaded this software where u can make 3d stuff so obviously the first thing i did was make a map and iv been making it for about the past 3 hours and WOW if you seen this you would wanna have sex with it.... that good, send me your E-mail and i can send u a picture of it. -BrEnT
    12. Agamer
      Several posts man.
      Just check over the rules again, if you post in a thread after a long period of time without someone else posting it, it is consider against the rules. For each forum section there is a different specified duration of when you can post in that forum section if a thread is inactive.
    13. Agamer
      Corruption have you not read the rules?

      You made three or four necro posts along with spam posts.
    14. Spirit798
      To be honest, I've seen that thread pop up a couple of times, and it looks really amazing.
      It's just that I don't have the Legendary map pack. I'll probably download it when I get ODST, though. Does it play well with slayer? Looks more like an objective based map.
      It's really incredible you made a floating map on Avalanche, though. Must've taken a shitload of time.
    15. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      If you liked my map "Prometheus," then you're going to love Gatekeeper. It has been reworked from it's original design of Promtheus and has undergone many changes. See it for yourself...

      Gatekeeper v1.1
    16. Spirit798
      I did, going to your thread now.
      I hadn't seen that little square next to the ratings.

    17. Spirit798
      Ahh, I see.
      I'll go do that. And thanks for the reply & rating, I never really paid any attention to rating a thread.

      EDIT: So, yeah, before I do anything wrong..

      Does the star-rating count from left to right, or right to left?
      The first star is grey, the other four are blue.
      Do I click the first or the last for a 5-star rating?
      With other words, are grey stars or blue stars the ones that count?
    18. Spirit798
      Ehh, just checked your Zion map post, and I don't see a poll anywhere - and you didn't notify me of what (possible) other thread you had the poll in.

      By the way, the map Conkerkid11 was talking about (I noticed it when checking your page - can't quite find a poll on the map Zion.. So, what poll, where?), y'know, the one with the deathbarrier and such? It's F2P Sandom.
      I got a warning for an (accidental!) double-post on that map, that's why I remember. :/
      So, yeah. I'll vote. But could you in return check out my map, Pledge of Blood? I need some feedback for V2, you see.

      EDIT: http://www.forgehub.com/forum/competitive-maps/66173-pledge-blood.html
      That one.
    19. Spirit798
      Don't get me wrong :)
      It's a good map, and the name fits your map more than it does the conquest map, I just wanted to let you know it's not the first time that name's been used.
      It's better you hear it from me, than from whomever made the conquest map. Although I'm sure he won't mind, which makes it perfectly fine your map's name is Zion.
    20. Limeyy
      ill get on asap, i have a new tag now, forgot to tell you xD
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    chicago IL.
    I am 25 years old and love to play halo. I was anthlete in college and highschool, so I'm making up my nerd time. I like to make and create full maps inside the actual maps to give the sense of a whole new level.

    Springboard Diving, Playing Guitar, Partying, and Halo!


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