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Apr 9, 2011
    1. iAPACHE
      Dude you gotta help me forge like that I don't 100% understand the new features in forge if you could help me out that would be amazing.
    2. BraveDave
      srry I didnt get it. I havent played halo for over a month because of exam block. I will definately check it out now
    3. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      I sent the map to you quite some time ago...
      I assume you didn't get it. I'm really not happy that it took until now to have noticed.
      I seriously forgot all about it and my other halo projects for a while.
      The map is set up to play, but I have major doubts about playability...
    4. BraveDave
      yes, the main bases will go in the corners where there is nothing. So the mid is done and the two purple corners are done unless u want to change them.
    5. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      I have started it, and I have a Q...
      The purple bridge and side bases are purple right?
      I'm constructing the main bases?
    6. BraveDave
      Sweet cant wait to see how the map turns out. It should be on my bros fileshare: Deadlyhandandy. If its not message me back.
    7. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      I gotta new box! yay

      How can i get the map?
    8. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      I havent gotton to work on it yet, but Im getting my xbox back probabolly sometime this week, and its the first map ill finsh when I get it back (:
    9. BraveDave
      Thanks so much :) its all yours, I dont mind w8ting. Your definatly the best man for the job. Sorry about calling you I girl and be sure to keep me updated with your progress. Good lUck :)

      And to NFH Fear im sorry but Ive already given the job to given so im sorry and I hope you didnt spend too much time on it.
    10. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      I would love to help out, but my xbox recently started acting stupid. It keeps saying to play this disc put it in an xbox 360, and I just replaced the CD drive, so if you would like me to help you you are going to have to wait maybe a week or two. Somewhere around that time.

      I always have multiple projects, but I always start working on something new or old of mine instead. Dont wory, I would put that project first, but I just wanted to get that point across.
    11. BraveDave
      Um I want be on for a while so if you need it urgently you can get it off my fileshare.

      Gt: DeadlyHandyandy
    12. BraveDave
      Ive just had a request from some guy who said he'd like to compine his map with mine. His names DarkFire014 do you know him? Im not sure how good of a forger he is but im gonna let him do some forgering on it and decide whether to let him finish the map. I have 2 98% finished map that I would like to give away if your interested. I think Im going to put MLG formation up for adoption in the forge discussion and choose a good forger to finish it. Ill be posting it in a few days so let me know if your interested :)
    13. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      Still need help with the MLG?
    14. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Minigame Hub. The new and improved Mini-Game-Tastic™!
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