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Nov 7, 2010 at 1:54 AM
Jun 22, 2008
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Central Valley - California
Sit at home and play video games

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Blue Pariot

Ancient, from Central Valley - California

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Nov 7, 2010
    1. yanmoyiie
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    2. Orange
      Ok well could ScreenshotOTW and your contest possibly merge?
    3. Orange
      Are you gonna carry through with the screenshot contest u have on xF
    4. boomerdude
      please show me these vip spawn points i have never seen them?
    5. Orange
      visible air=wind/clouds

      yours had a blurred white background which i didnt interpret as fog, just nova
      his has wind with clouds in it which left a streamline
    6. Orange
      his is wind, yours didnt have any visible air.
    7. Orange
      Your submittEd screenshot to sotw does not meet criterea and will not be included in voting. It does not have any nature exept air which I find doesntt meat criterea. Sotw entry ends in 2 hours.
    8. Black Theorem
      Black Theorem
      lol, not really.

      I live in Virginia. But I did get like 2 inches on Saturday, and some of it's still on the ground for me.

      How bad was it?
    9. Orange
      O, i no you didnt copy it, glad to see someone use it
    10. Orange
      D00d, your screenshot ocean house is almost exactly my screanshot I made which I think is called vacation house. Not saying nor assuming that you stole it btw, you did yours better then mine as mine had no effect and had a smaller house but it had a palm tree which was a plus. +rep
    11. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Hey Blue. Who was that one guy that drew all of that (depressing art), and made an alphabet book about (I think it was) children from some orphanage and how they all died.

      I think I remember one of your threads mentioning him, but I couldn't find it.

      He may have also sketched a picture of a dustbin (trashcan) with a security camera thing coming out of it. I would upload it to photobucket so I could actually have it here, but my photobucket is down at the moment.
    12. Cr0ok3d
      Hey, grow up.
    13. Blood of the Fallen
      Blood of the Fallen
      Hey just stopping by to say hey and say foothills is a genius map, very well done with that one m8.

      Just one question, for your old valhalla map foothills how did you make the overview of valhalla with the flags and weapons and stuff? that was just genius and im just wondering how for a new map im making (not of valhalla) also how did you make the slide show?

      I dont really expect you to get back to me on it, which is cool, but if you do it'd be great and really appreciated. thanks : )
    14. Black Theorem
      Black Theorem
      :P How do I join up?
    15. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Minigame Hub. The new and improved Mini-Game-Tastic™!
    16. Black Theorem
    17. GladiateSmiths
      You, sir, have an awesome avatar.
    18. SpeedDemon
      Thanks! I didnt even notice that! (:
      Im going to go put up a little note about that detail when i add a weapon list (:
    19. Kayla x Jordan
    20. PaperThinWalls
      It's flattering to hear that I inspired you, but I have other things that I'm currently focusing on; so no new screenshots from me anytime soon, I'm afraid.
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    Central Valley - California
    Sit at home and play video games
    Blue Pariot
    I really dont feel like typing a long bio about me. :)

    playing halo, playing soccer, running track and cross-country, playing airsoft/paintball