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Aug 5, 2010
    1. Sheogorath
      happy birthday
    2. Cydronix
      Hey, you were talking to me about more creativity in map making. Try taking a look at some of my Free-For-all Maps! Orbital, Tectonic, or Radiation!
    3. DeathToll77
    4. Public Servent
    5. Boyle06
      that map u posted in the sketch up thing look really cool... i hope this happens... w/ a lot of aesthetics and good gameplay ALL blackout maps get featured... consider making it below... so ppl cant jump... i donno how much room tho
    6. Assassin of Joy
      Assassin of Joy
      I can live with that, I hope you can... jk
    7. Blazen Nite
      Blazen Nite
      you're not a map stealer. just a not an larger thinking forger
    8. Assassin of Joy
      Assassin of Joy
      Ok, first off the Canvas has not been officially released yet, also according to him we were the first people to make a Map on "BlueLiteSpecial". And how come you're trying (sorry if I'm getting this the wrong way) to frame us for being Map stealer's with comments such as: "i have no real leverage..." That's anyway very unlikely because he's on both of our friends lists, we play together quite regularly and I help Money Glitch and otherwise clean up his Canvas. Lastly I don't really know what you mean with "decorating", because I really never tried to decorate anything, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a compliment? Our only goal was to create a good basic Map, and I'd say we achieved that.

      But I would love to see you make a better Map using the Canvas, once it comes out in mine and Public Servent's Map Pack ;)
    9. Aranore
      xD sorry . My comp messed up on me mid message.

      I meant to say brave comment on DL's. its not often people push there maps just to get them out there. its a rare thing to see on FH. well done.
    10. the persister2
      the persister2
      Lol, you're probably drunk, all of us liked it, perfected it, but a few things missing, thats why we're making v2

      PS: suck my donkey wang
    11. The Hudacris
      The Hudacris
      Hey. be on saturday so i can talk and forge with you. or just watch. lol.
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