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Mar 21, 2010 at 7:00 AM
Jun 17, 2009
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Windsor, ON
Secondary Education

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Black Mesa

Mythic, from Windsor, ON

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Mar 21, 2010
    1. Grif
      I miss you
    2. Kidbomber
    3. mavrick145
      you should join the new group on
      i have a Link set up on my page and the guilds page.
      if you join there will be most of the stuff we have here, but with a calender for gaming dates and off schooldays, more texting freedoms, and best of all i and fresh legend are the mods, so no more ****tard mods, like most of Forge Hubs!!!!
    4. mavrick145
      sup? (typing this to make it meet their damned quota of letters per-spam lol)
    5. hyabusa1337
      yo some kid got hit by a car after school today (oct, 19)
    6. hyabusa1337
      hey wanna make a btb team for the thing?
    7. mavrick145
      ment to update the guild every so often now, but i've been wraped up in the vid-master achievments...
    8. Mavraelis
      its josh this is paynes accoutn add to FL
    9. mavrick145
      dude read the newest update on the forger's guild Rank page, it's for you!
      -hope you like it and get me somthing of equal or better value! }:(, Mav.
    10. mavrick145
      you REALLY need to post a new image dump. i laughed my ass off. you're now the Guild's Joker (if you'd like (for a rank) if not you may choose anothe, though Joker is a one person job and you could have another thing to do if you wish.
    11. mavrick145
      alls you need to do is post it in the Forger's Guild Mems. and Their Ranks page. just let me know what you want and i'll try and put you in (seeing as you're the 1st to reply i'd say that you can get almost any position.)
      -post it soon, Mav.
    12. ZOMBIECOW11
      Hello, please copy and paste the message bellow the dotted line and send it to as many regular positioned Forger's Guild members as posible.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Hello, Guild member
      i am one of the three leaders at the Forger's Guild and i am here to ask you what position you'd like.there are no current spots avalible for another Leader, but there are a few left for the judge. there is almost all spots avalible for the testers, so if playing custom games is your thing then you should pick the tester position. Or if you like to create wierd stuff then you should be an experimentor.
      When you're ready to chose just post what rank you want and then we'll sort it out.
      NOTE:you may or may not get the position asked for. there may not be any avalible slots to fit you in to. if you don't like the position you get just send us a message and we'll change your rank.
    13. Grif
    14. mavrick145
      Hello guild member! would you like to have bragging rights and a sweet map pre-made and ready for you to own because i'm too cheap to collect my money together and buy you something? well if so then just join in on our guild's map contest going on untill August 22nd!

      -hope to see some great things from you, Mav.
    15. Miraj
      Your Request is finished.
    16. Laxer
    17. Black Mesa
      Black Mesa
      it takes class
    18. hyabusa1337
      lol i see how u said to handle them but i like my way lol is fun to make idiots feel stupid.
    19. mavrick145
      hey, since you've decided to join our guild, what rank wopuld you like to be? (just go to the page for details on the ranks). for now you'll be a normal member.
      BTW i'm one of the guild leaders.

    20. hyabusa1337
      yo you should join our guild just msg me if u wanna join the guild were gona do testing & stuff with maps and also look at my bio.
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