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Promethean, from switzerland, originally english

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Sep 18, 2016
    1. HC DeathRoll43
      HC DeathRoll43
      This is very weird, Berk, I don't know if you will see this, because I don't know how often you come on here, but I remember when I met you, I thought your name sounded familiar, the reason was because I talked to you on here! My gamertag is X7O now by the way.
    2. TheExorcistX
      Hey, I would like to join your forge and custom games ***** group, how do i join?
    3. Arbacca
      Wasn't my map.
      And a list of important things to have when browsing the forums are as follows:
      -Good grammar
      -A good attitude
      -Thinking about others opinions as well as your own
      -And knowing when someone is being sarcastic
    4. Arbacca
      (continued; read below first)
      -I find creativity abundant in this map. I believe the small map shows that humans are always in cages, never reaching their full potential. The empty space around the map exhibits a feeling of vastness, and what the human race could accomplish if we were not hindered by walls. The fighting that takes place inside the map shows that we are forced to resort to violence since we have nothing better to do. There are random weapons spawns due to the fact that we will use whatever it takes or all that we have to destroy and handicap others.

      Please think more next time you comment. Also, I find this a necessary time to call you a hypocrite for continuing to feed the map's post count, when you desire the exact opposite.
    5. Arbacca
      Here's a post from a map you commented on:
      "can people stop commenting on this map its has like wat 8 objects its not good no creativity stop commenting on this stupid map and look at what others have forged, theres much better than this, comments from now on should be considered as spam all that needs to be said on this map has been said"
      Please, no run-on sentences. You do that in every post I've seen you make. It's abnormally aggravating.
      And, I have to disagree with your careless comments.
      Here's why:
      -It does not have 8 objects, if you downloaded or even took more time to look at the screenshot, you would know that. Spawn points technically count as objects.
      -Don't tell me what to do, you're not the boss of me. I will look at other maps when I feel like it, and comment on whatever ones I want.
      -Who are you to define spam? You provided no constructive criticism whatsoever, much less a map review.
    6. Meltyourtv
      Well, I like the "rub your ******" guy better, to be honest.
    7. Meltyourtv
    8. Meltyourtv
      YouTube - F@G 188 - Voicemail Hell 8

    9. Cryptokid
      it are me cryptokid
      I have a new map :)
    11. Facta
      Hey Berk. I'm fairly new to forge hub and would love to test a few maps of mine with you guys. I want to know when The club hours are so I can join the action. Gamertag: Facta
    12. HC DeathRoll43
      HC DeathRoll43
      Yeah, but I've been wearing these here colors since Halo 3 came out. I think we should be friends, we have the same styles, add me
      HC DeathRoll43
    13. Souperintendent
      HC Deathroll43

      And your helmet! Get him man, GET HIM!
    14. HC DeathRoll43
      HC DeathRoll43
      You stole my colors! lol
    15. Cheeeeese
      Hi Berk can i play with you on halo?
    16. DC
      I fininshed your sig, you can take hlg's make of it if you want.
    17. Cheeeeese
    18. PandaMan
      ima be online today
    19. PandaMan
      Europe... wow

      man thats far lol

      i can also play at like 9 am which would be like 5pm 4 u

      on next sat.
    20. PandaMan
      oh, i forgot, i might can go on about every other weekend too
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