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Nov 19, 2012
    1. SilentJacket
      glad to hear you like my maps, I will probably work on technical design more in the future, but, yeah, I create my maps to be something that would be cool to look at while you play, as well as immerse you in the fiction. Your comment at least lets me know that I am on the right track, thanks.
    2. SilentJacket
      while they look nice, the FR on some of them are killer, so that may be why they aren't as popular as I hoped, I will be updating most of them soon (including my baby, Trinity)
    3. WAR
      Thanks for the comments and I agree with most of your concerns. If you're looking for a more detailed response just check the thread. Hopefully I'll have the time to make a v2 for H4
    4. Falcoan
      Updated my Zanzibar map check it out!
    5. Nathon Green
      Nathon Green
      About the information you gave on a map called "Scarab NG 2," thanks, I was wondering that too. Just took a look at it, took me long enough.
    6. Ac3Snip3r
      Golan just recently returned from Israel but MIDER seriously quit and now all he does is play Runescape.
    7. Ac3Snip3r
      I don't now if i have it and I don't know what it is.
    8. Ac3Snip3r
      And why am I an idiot? I was suspecting that happened later on and FYI I sent you those messages a few days after your xbox broke or your warranty failed or whatever. I did post it on forgehub Behold the Awesomeness that is Precipice!. And BTW, MIDER quit, golan left, and I'm bored. :(
    9. Ac3Snip3r
      Benzu, can you get online. I have a map to show you (not the one you and I were working on, maybe better, maybe not,???). Plz. :D
    10. DieHardAssassin
      Sorry, but you aren't above anybody. All I have seen you post is Puzzle maps, which I don't think should even be considered minigames.
    11. DieHardAssassin
      I'll be posting another map before friday called jump on fire, be sure to look for it. Its not as good as the other two I posted today, but its a good time waster.
    12. Aaronator
      Thanks, and I'll invite everyone I can.
    13. Aaronator
      Permission to be Admin on Originality Studios? :D

      I'm first to sign up, and I'd like a major role on the site.
    14. aMoeba
    15. lightsin017
      Yes ive seen it and now im getting the point on what ur meaning ok dont worry next map u see from me is going to be a really good infection map
    16. lightsin017
      Benzu can u actually tell me what i can fix on my map i know the roof but anything else?
    17. Fenian Bhoy
      Fenian Bhoy
      Haven't even seen your maps yes i have now your just a ****** that should stay on the Bungie.Net forums.
    18. Fenian Bhoy
      Fenian Bhoy
      Why do you have to be an asshole? Your maps suck but no one goes around critising you.
    19. Fenian Bhoy
      Fenian Bhoy
      You just said that your angry...
    20. Fenian Bhoy
      Fenian Bhoy
      It just SOUNDS as if YOUR being an ASSHOLE
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