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Jan 4, 1995 (Age: 25)
Zurich, Switzerland
Occupation? Hmm, womanising playboy :) lol

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Assassin of Joy

Promethean, 25, from Zurich, Switzerland

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Jul 6, 2009
    1. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      Ok, the boxes on each end that has either a camo or ovy are diff colored, the box in the middle is green! and the only color coded part you made was the barrier outside...
      how can you critique his sniper? when its only one weapon, your maps weapon settings suck! its who ever gets there first rapes everyone else up the ass!
      rockets and fuel rod gun?
      thats rediculas, sword and shottie? thats just dumb! nobody whould just take one of them... so thinking about that, also the escapableness...
      its obvious that any map you make on there is going to be escapeable, because you can only build towards black out or up, or down...
    2. KnarFF 213
      KnarFF 213
      Thanks, im definetly going to download collision 2.0, and probably all the other map in the map pack. and for some reason i never even heard of floating boxes with a guest like that, now i wish i had a second controler
    3. greenlanternguy
      I just thought that there hac been too many power weapons ie sword and hammer i personnally think one or the other would do but the structure itself is amazing i just can't say enough. I was doing a map outside blackout and stopped and restarted based on how well you interlocking came out you wanna see a preview?
    4. DekuLink333
      Thanks, that map does look like an insta-feature. I'm hoping to make a couple of floating maps myself, but it will be a while. Haha.
    5. DeathToll77
      Ok, i took a look at it and I made it inescapable. Except the part where the walkway is next to the sword room. But I will tell you how to fix that.
      Also I had to remove one of the grav lift from your sig.

      First: go here and look at the slide.
      Second: build something similar to that on that walkway using the boxes you have left over.
      Third: You will have teleporters left over so put them on top of that slide.

      PS: If you want me to show you in a game how to do this effectively, let me know.
    6. DeathToll77
      I know, but im saying I could probably find a way to make it hard to escape without deleting anything, for example those teleporters could be very helpful
    7. DeathToll77
      Ok i understand, but do you want me to help make it inescapable, or at least almost impossible.
    8. Nobody Worthy
      Nobody Worthy
      Will do good sir. :)
    9. Nobody Worthy
      Nobody Worthy
      Thought you stole it because someone said so in the thread (but was also unsure if that person was telling the truth or not)... But you seem to be telling the truth so I'll believe you. :)
    10. DeathToll77
      I will help with collision V2 and any other guild member will help too, thanks for asking!!! Let me know when.
    11. Reflection
      What canvas did you use to create Collision?
    12. Krazy Kumquat
      Krazy Kumquat
      Can't wait for V2! and yeah Debo kinda tore into your spawn system...
    13. Jimbodawg
    14. Jimbodawg
      Want to get on Halo sometime?
      My gamertag is bulldogs10
    15. M.Jelleh
      no uuuuuuuu
    16. M.Jelleh
    17. Debo37
      Yeah. You might want to just redo the default competitive version with Respawn Areas and the like, and then "save as new map" and change it around to add your FX and change the weapon set to MLG. That way, you don't have to re-place Areas and Objective items all over again!
    18. Felipe dos
      Felipe dos
      Oh. Yeah. Debo said he got the idea for Interrobang from another out-of-Blackout map that was done before his. Maybe that first version was it. What a turn of events!
      And I'm making a Blackout map too so I know what a ***** color coordinating is, especially in floating boxes.
      That is a very nice map you have though.
    19. HydroZoid
      ya i dont want to be mean but interrobang is like AR whor heavan, it was only fun when i played assault( cuz we raped the other team) =P

      o ya i got a FFA MLG on collision and WOW is was fun, but my party and i had played like 20 slayer games on diff maps before hand so like all we did was try to get down to blackout( i was the only one wo succeded-ill send u the video) LOL but damn it was fun!
    20. M.Jelleh
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    Jan 4, 1995 (Age: 25)
    Zurich, Switzerland
    Occupation? Hmm, womanising playboy :) lol
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