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Dec 15, 2019
    1. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      The new Forge Hub Favorites XXI:Nominations are up. Make sure that you don't forget to vote.
    2. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      My New Map Aeacus
    3. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      Thanks for the compliment. I just hope that your map gets more attention now because of the sig.
    4. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      I still see your signature. It looks fine to me so I don't think you need to go back to your old one.
    5. Noxiw
      Why thank you. :) It's very appreciated.
    6. Papamidnight
      hey man if you want a make a new SWB map hit me up!!!
    7. Eightball
      Hey I posted a map of mine, check it out and tell me what you think.
    8. anime halo
    9. Values
      Please structure your sentences. It doesn't make up look good, at all. I find it incredible hard to even bare reading your comments as you skim through posts and don't even bother actually reading the post. And then your comments are seperated by a ton of dots and there is absolutely no real help besides your slight fragment sentences which never make any sense. Please work on this, I have seen it in about every post you do, it annoys the OP as well as the others who have to bear through reading your remarks.
    10. Hogframe
      It says right there, in his post, that there were three entrences.

      It's not a big thing, but it just shows that you skimmed through the pictures before deciding to waste the OP's time.
    11. Hogframe
      Don't comment if you haven't taken the time to read someone's post.
    12. Katanga
      Have you actually played Temptation?

      You said we just use pre-made structures. We use them, but they've been altered to change their layout, or used to serve a different purpose to what they would usually.
      As for the "pointless aesthetic" claim, we put things into the map mainly to serve as cover. Yes, there are pieces at serve a purely aesthetic purpose, but they're there to make it seem less like Tempest. That's not pointless at all.
      Also, while I'm on the subject of Tempest, any map that builds on Tempest's natural Geometry is obviously going to be mostly Tempest with objects added.

      Sorry if i come across as rude, but AJ and myself put a lot of time and effort into that map, and you've essentially dismissed it on pictures alone.
    13. JD Horx
    14. JD Horx
      JD Horx
      hey, thanks for that,

      I downloaded your covenant cruiser already a month ago and i must say its pretty cool. Id like to play it in costum game with like 12 players, but Im preparing myself for my examinations so its not possible at the moment. maybe in two weeks.
      I'll keep this xforgery site in mind. lets have a look...
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