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Oct 11, 2013
    1. serumembryo
      Im in for your beta testing.

      And it's not for the money... umm... nah its fine, you dont have to give me money, but I would like it, but its really your choice. But you dont have to give it. It would be nice. I like beta testing, but im not really into money... well. But you dont hav-

      brain.exe has stopped working

      windows is looking for solutions
    2. XxDaHuStxX
      Please reveiw my map, I'll upload it to my fileshare tonight. Its the only map on my fileshare.
    3. Tedium
      Dude! Review! FFS!
    4. Chron
      So, how is that contest of yours going? Any plans to announce the winners soon?
      Wouldn't want to see you do the same as Frozenlynx and cancel the contest.
    5. Minister Muffin
      Minister Muffin
      We should probably close the submission thread now. We got enough entries for it to really be a contest. I'll play a few games on each map and PM you saying what maps won. K?
    6. Ociee
      Looks awesome.

    7. oh knarly
      oh knarly
      want a 1v1 on subterrane?
    8. Organite
      ps: you totally spelled resupply wrong in the post for Bordello or whatever it's called now.
    9. Psychoduck
      Images must be no more than 650 pixels in width, or they will be auto-resized. Hopefully that'll help with Subterrane.
    10. Ociee
      It won't let me see any pics for Subterrane...

    11. Xun
      No worries, dude.
    12. Xun
      Just saw your message in the Shoutbox, and did a little research. Looks like the max size is about 650x(somewhere between) 350 and possibly 500 pixels. Don't take this as fact though, it's just based on some rough guesswork. ;)
    13. iTz Longshot
      iTz Longshot
      saweeet. So what shall I do? start off with the sig you have? make it like 500x100 or so?
    14. Minister Muffin
      Minister Muffin
      Hey I'm gonna send u a fr. I've also talked to some of the members here. I'm hoping the wall coliseum contest gets more submissions, but who am I to say that there won't be tons? The deadline's a week away.
    15. iTz Longshot
      iTz Longshot
      Can i please do the sigs for your competition? I love typography and truthfully, the sigs iv seen bug me.

      /shame on me
    16. Frozenlynx
    17. Frozenlynx
      You seem like the kind of person who'd like to make sure their grammar is correct, so I thought I'd be a pal and let you know.
    18. PacMonster1
      um...enjoy it
    19. PacMonster1
    20. iTz Longshot
      iTz Longshot
      i was bored and i love typography lol its nothing special.
      I might. Seems like nice prizes. Iv been wanting to forge anyway.
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