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Feb 13, 2021 at 3:58 AM
Jul 21, 2011
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A Haunted Army

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Feb 13, 2021
    1. Chronmeister
      OK. Thanks anyway. If you go back keep it in mind
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    2. Chronmeister
      Hey, I was wondering if you could take a look at Clockwork. I'm curious to see what you think of it.
      1. A Haunted Army
        A Haunted Army
        going to be hard for me to give feedback because i've lost interest in halo ATM.

        May 7, 2015
    3. Psychoduck
      Dat train, doe.
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    4. Tony Dierna
      Tony Dierna
      leaderboard info for map downloads????? or get on halo so i can access file share please
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      2. A Haunted Army
        A Haunted Army
        i'll just hop on.
        Feb 18, 2015
      3. A Haunted Army
        A Haunted Army
        or nevermind xbox update...

        leaderboard info i think is CE first mission normal
        Feb 18, 2015
    5. chrstphrbrnnn
      People you hate less than others, whatever it still stands. It was more of a second person you rather than a haunted army you.
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    6. MacoroniMayorTOFU
      Hey, remember me?
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    7. Waterfall
      "posting actuall feedback off of screenshots is also ignorant"
      You clearly do not know how forgehub works.people post maps in the map preview section to get feedback.i agree that you can get better more in depth feedback from people who actually played the map but saying it is ignorant to give feedback based off of screenshots is just plain ignorant.because a person can judge a good map from a bad map from screenshots if they know what they are looking for.
      Beside a person who hase been here for a year with only 35 posts shouldn't be trying to tell others what to post and what not to post.you don't own this place you don't own that thread.all you managed to do was make yourself look like a fool.
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    8. pyro
      In case you're new to this thing we call the internet, I'll try to explain how some things work. Complaining about a lack of attention will bring attention to you. Most of this attention will consist of "wow this guy is an idiot." I was about to post in your thread with some real feedback after looking through it in forge like I do for most maps people post in forge discussion, but your complaining convinced me to spend my time writing this instead of giving feedback on your map.
      Good day.
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