Zodiac Invasion

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Joey Payback
    There are two main bases on the map. One in the valley and one on the island.

    The base in the valley is a human base outfitted with falcons, warthogs, a scorpion, and a lot of weapons and turrets.

    The base on the island is a covenant base that's fitted with 3 banshees, 2 wraith, 3 ghosts, 2 revenants, and 2 shades. 1 shade is a fuel rod shade. There's also a seraph in the hanger with a teleporter that leads to it.

    The map is held down with tons of mini bases in key locations! The goal is to hold down important territories where weapons spawn and to hold down choke points.

    There is also a crashed pelican with a target locator in the middle of the map that both teams have to make a run for in order to capture it.
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