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  1. Garrett757

    Hey guys, haven't uploaded a map in years and although I tinker around in forge off and on I finally decided to revisit one of my unfinished maps and well finish it.

    I originally started this map back in 2016 after viewing some inspiring photos of the Ziggurat of Ur. After shelving the map unfinished for the past few years I finally had enough motivation to return to it and add in detail, weapons, and objectives.

    One of the reasons I left the map untouched for so long was because I was at a loss on how to spice it up a bit as the real-life structure is for the most part a pretty basic brick structure with little color variation. Because of this, I've tried to add a little bit of detail to it with columns, arches, and vegetation. Overall, the map plays pretty well in team slayer, I haven't been able to test too many games on it however. In all, I don't expect this map to be featured or anything like that but I simply wanted to come back to forge and finish a map again. The pictures had to be compressed a bit, so hopefully they don't look too bad. The last picture is a little Easter egg I like to place on all of my finished maps. Any and all comments are appreciated.

    Supports: 2-16 players
    Gamemodes: Slayer, Team slayer, strongholds, CTF


  1. SgtSlaphead

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    Very nice!
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  2. LazyStudio

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    This is beautiful. Thank you so much for building this. I love historical builds and this looks like you hit it out of the park. Can't wait to play
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  3. Garrett757

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    Thank you! I worked pretty hard to get the dimensions right, although I did not exactly scale the structure down to spartan per say. Would love to hear feedback on how it played. I was only able to test it a couple times so I would not be surprised to hear weapon placement should be altered in some way. Thanks again.

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