8v8 Slayer

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  1. Alex Rodriguez

    This Halo 5 forge map is inspired by Halo Infinite.

    It's made for several BTB game modes! Capture the flag, Strong holds, slayer, and super fiesta play best on this map.

    The maps available for download - search "Zeta" (by Blttserz) in Halo 5 custom browser. (My waypoint isn't working) Like, bookmark the map & make sure to subscribe!

    Prefab creators:
    Beam towers - Sevlovon
    Halo ce door - Splatter AEX500
    Forerunner pipes - Ryouji Gunblade
    H2 BR holders -xxSpartan 99xx

    Thank you.


  1. D4rkDeath

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    Hello! I had a chance to look around on this map for a little bit and thought I would add some constructive criticisms. I think the map looks pretty fun and you have some interesting design choices.

    First off, you need many more spawn points so that the spawning does not become predictable or manipulative. It is also very helpful to have most of your spawn points facing towards the inside of the map. I would place the team initial spawn points together. The initial spawns being together are important because you want to allow players to have an equal shot at getting to the vehicles and power weapons off of spawn.

    I noticed the boundary of the map is a lot of invisible blockers. You can go many ways on this one, as maps with flying vehicles tend to cube in the boundaries I did not notice any flying vehicles on your map. So you could remove some if not all of the blockers and use a soft kill on the edges of your map with a hard kill volume outside of it to keep players inside. You would get a good amount of pieces back as well. You may want to consider removing a few trees outside of the map as well as there is some problems with keeping framerate, I would recommend just closing the cave looking out of the map off and gaining those pieces back while improving frames. It is a start.

    You are going to want to set the vehicles to be either standard or have both sides have a skinned variant. As I notice one side has the standard warthog and the other has a tundra. What is not clear to players is that a skinned variant of vehicles (tundra, camo, etc.) have a 15% dmg reduction.

    That is a good start for feedback from me though! Too much information can be overwhelming and ultimately you should create a product that you will be happy with. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever want additional feedback or questions!
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