Zero-G Prism


Map Description

  1. OPG StingRay17
    Virtual game testers have been trapped in the grid and must survive the time limit to escape near death by heat enhanced Banshees and binary rifles at every corner.

    The alpha zombies are immune to all damage as well as the Banshee they pilot. They wield a heat barrier that burns any human who touches it into ashes and very low weapon damage is dealt by the alpha making the Banshee the only option to kill humans. If a human becomes incinerated by an alpha they become a regular zombie equipped with a binary rifle but can easily be killed by a humans hydra launcher.

    They're also many walkways and tunnels humans can take to make a quick escape but beware of the soft kill boundaries.

    Note: I've noticed a few problems with the infection Gametype where players don't spawn which sometimes interferes with this map.

    Gametype link: StingRay17#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_OPG StingRay17_4cdff2db-b869-47a3-9d57-b276942fa1c2


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    Banshee mobility and damage values

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