3v3 Slayer

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  1. xPaulxDx
    its getting way to late for me to keep posting my maps, im just trynna get the **** ive been working on out there finally. please excuse me for spaming i didnt realize till last minute how many maps i finished and wanted to upload.

    this descriptions wont stay for long, its just getting late and i wanna finish this up real quickly and ill get to uploading more tomorrow.
    again sorry for spamming, ill probably hold off on posting one of the next few maps. i got screenshots though if yall wanna check em out

    ^the bluebuilding from the bluebuilding map^
    this versions just the building
    ^my Warehouse map snowed out^
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  1. GrayishPoppy210

    GrayishPoppy210 ONI Agent

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    This isn't the best but it's a cool idea. Just going through previous maps and combining bits from them together to make something new sounds kinda interesting.
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  2. xPaulxDx

    xPaulxDx ONI Agent

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    its cool, and yea ik. i made a map called cityscape, which was supposed to be the same idea but i didnt really like how it came out so eventually i got around to making this version. this map is really just ment to **** around on.

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