Winter's Embrace


Map Description

  1. UnknownEmerald
    Scar's from the bombing can be seen throughout this small town. The cold only added to the suffering of the few who survived, but the low temperatures wasn't the last of the dangers to come.

    Winter's Embrace is yet another one of my new infection maps. I just really like building them. As you walk around you'll be immersed in a small village that has been destroyed in battle. The snow has made it's mark as you feel the chills going down your spine.

    Gameplay wise the humans have numerous choices for holdouts as well as rotations. Each corner of the map offers a unique locations to bunk down and defend, but you can also utilise the broken church and houses to your advantage.
    The infected can either choose to use the narrow hallways and rooms to travel around the map, but they also have access to the rooftops which would gives them alternative paths to keep the humans on their toes at all times; but keep in mind that there are softkills on the higher spots of this map.

    Before Infinite launches I'll likely make a couple more infection maps and I'll be sure to remake them on that game. Enjoy! :D
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