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  1. Sins of Truth
    Whispers was a linear infection map variant I made for gametypes such as fatkid around six months ago.

    I test played the map several times with full lobbies and whilst it played okay I eventually decided against publishing it. For six months the map has been forgotten and untouched.

    However this is where things take a turn, where a once lost map could pertentially be reanimated again by the community.

    I have gone back and cleaned up the map, removing spawns, cinematic cameras, barricades ect.
    My proposal is this, anyone is welcome to load up my map and do as they please with it. If the map becomes known once again I simply wish to be acknowledged for my previous work on the project, the rest is down to you.

    The previous map had barricades blocking doorways which have all been removed, you'll have to recreate them in whatever way, shape or form you choose.

    Also the infected used to spawn on top of the cliff sides and as time went on would receive teleporters to help them progress with survivors across the map. These have also been removed however have been marked with cubes in the event you wish to use such a mechanic again. (Purple for infected spawn, Green for teleporters)

    There are two buildings on the map that survivors would pass through, I've cleared both of them out, however have kept most details as they were. (Shelves, pallets ect)

    Invisible blockers have been left in place as well as all weapons across the map. I recommend leaving the blockers as put however feel free to edit/remove any and all weapons. I simply left them there to save time for anyone working on the map.

    So yeah thats about it, feel free to edit this in any way you want. Hopefully some custom games or perhaps even minigames can be created from this. ❤


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