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    So Tidal has been broken for what feels like a year and Mr. French told me that I would just have to work on something else until it is fixed so I made this minigame, Whack-A-Mole. This project was originally just going to be 16 holes inside a box, but the community that downloads my work deserves better than that so I decided to give it the love it deserves.


    The game is simple. Eliminate all of the pesky moles. As a mole, you start underground and you will start popping in and out of random holes in the ground.


    You are armed with a shotgun to help clear out all of the infected hunting you down but be careful as you might not always be facing the direction you expected.


    As an infected player, you have two jobs separated by who is the alpha and who is not.

    The alpha infected is the only player who can do realistic damage to the moles. This means that they are the ones that need to be focusing on taking out the moles. "So Monk, what do the converted do?" Great question! This went through a ton of different concepts and a lot of frustration for a map I never even intended on creating but I was determined to involve the converted in an engaging way that no one expected. The converted are now plug thugs. You aren't the best at doing damage but one thing you are great at is throwing dirt! Around the map, you will see weapon pad markers. These are dirt piles which contain grenades. The grenades can be thrown into the holes.


    Three grenades (usually) is enough to plug a hole for good. This will limit the holes the alpha needs to run around to and really promotes teamwork to fill as many holes as possible before time runs out.

    Life as a zombie doesn't end here though! During normal play, moles will be running around under the map and these guys move fast! Get caught in their wake and you will be spending some time in the air making it more difficult to get to your desired location and to throw grenades accurately.


    Now that I have a few maps under my belt, I decided that I need to go that little extra bit for you all so I added a bit of an Easter egg that is too fun not to share since it can add so much to gameplay. If you want to find it on your own, skip the following spoiler.

    You may notice that 4 baby moles line the play area. Hit these moles and they will give you a surprise!


    But hit too many and you will make their mommy very angry. She isn't a fan of all of your new landscaping and she won't be afraid to ruin all of your hard work and keep watch over her children!


    Map Variant
    Gametype Variant

    How it works (spoiler: also explains the Easter egg):
    As always, I add this section for those curious as to how I make these maps work since I like to use a lot of scripting. This map contains the most unique scripts out of any of my maps totaling at about 500/512. This one is a beast to explain so I am only going to explain the outcomes and not the actual signals involved.
    1. Holes each have a receiver all on the same signal to randomize your teleport locations. They also have a grav lift to propel you upwards and invisible blockers to keep you in and infected out.
    2. 4 teleporter senders are located under the map surrounding the holes facing towards the middle of the map. To make sure you don't get stuck in a hole, the teleporter blinks down every 3 seconds effectively moving you out of its radius and then back in.
    3. In each hole is a power core. The cores are altered to take 3 grenade hits from 10% grenades. When they blow up, the rocks reset position to fill the holes. I used position reset because it can be done instantly and won't throw people off the map as it resets. This also despawns the receiving teleport in this hole.
    4. Every time a power core explodes, it sends a signal to a fusion coil to move towards fire. It explodes at 14 holes filled removing the ability to fill more holes so 2 holes always remain open.
    5. The dirt moving is just upside down rock arangements moving on a timer. It moves one way every 30 seconds and postion resets 30 seconds after to ensure movement is consitent the whole match. These are attached to grav slides because they can be scripted.
    6. Everything past this about the Easter egg. You have been warned twice.
      [*]Hitting one mole does a number of things. There is a fusion coil in the mole that sends a signal when destroyed/despawned. It is also set to despawn as soon as it is under 100% health so that the explosion doesn't go off and kill you (usually). It will spawn a power weapon for you to quickly fill holes. It moves the mole down so you know you hit it. It spawns an annoying screeching noise for literally no reason. Remember the moving dirt? well this also causes the dirt to move in every alley way back and forth so all zombies get thrown in the air. And it tells mama mole you hit her baby. Basically you get a nice weapon to help the team but you sort of screw your team for a second as the risk.
      [*]When all 4 are hit, mama mole emerges from her hole. She turns on a signal which essentially resets the map but in reality took hella scripting knowledge to do. She unplugs the holes and blocks the movement in the center of the map. I originally wanted her to kill zombies but there are only so many signals when you use the bug filled multichannel script system. This can only happen once a game since the moles won't respawn. So basically, if you don't communicate as a team and blow up too many moles or get thrown in the air and grenade the last mole by mistake, you reset all your progress and will probably lose.
    Bug reporting:
    Everyone's favorite part. From what I have seen, the servers hate customs now so you may not load in on infection. Just back out, load a slayer variant, then reload the real gametype. Should fix things. If you get black screened mid game, the game starts bugging and the rocks that fill the holes at round start become stationary and invisible basically making half the people spawn outside the map and half sitting ducks on top of the invisible rocks. No fix there until 343i fixes it. Two people can go in a hole at once but the teleporters will sort that out every 3 seconds so don't worry about it. You can get teleported to the same hole. Again, not a bug. Holes sometimes fill in 4 grenades or just like not at all. I have spent tons of time fixing this. Basically too many objects in one spot cause AoE damage to do nothing. So rocket AoE or grenade AoE does nothing for one hit or all hits. A well placed grenade on top of the power core or a direct impact from a rocket usually solves this. This happens most frequently on the center holes since they are surrounded by the most objects. All that being said, I think I fixed this issue and all should work in 3 grenades or at most 4. If you come across any other problems like scripts not working for the Easter egg or you don't see grenades or something ridiculous like that, contact me in game. This also has been playtested only a few times so if you have ideas for better balancing that can be solved with player traits, I would love to hear them.


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    I was going to make a Whack-A-Mole mini-game like yours! Lucky I didn't started it because this would ousted mine haha It looks amazing dude! I will check out on my next customs night.

    PD: I think I will let the classic mini-games to you because you are the beast on that haha I will go back to my truly vocation
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    Another amazing looking map, is this your full time job?
  3. Littlemonk5

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    Ahaha oo no don't say classic minigames. @ChewyNutCluster would unfriend me if he heard this and I need his love to continue to make maps.
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    Haha no fortunately and unfortunately. I think all the bugs would drive me to insanity if it was full time. I actually start a new full time job Monday though so I won't be able to pump out all of my ideas as quickly anymore :/

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