Westgate Prison


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  1. Maze Reclaimer
    This is a prison genre gametype/map created by Flood Bait Nate, who created Northgate Prison.

    So following the principles of Northgate Prison, I created Westgate Prison.

    Prisoners: Prisoners spawn in a minuscule jail cell, in an underground dungeon.
    Jail cells are designed to be as uncomfortable as possible, capable of holding up to three inmates.
    There is only a bucket to relieve oneself, if tipped over, only chaos can ensue.
    The beds are made of solid wood, so a goodnight sleep is improbable.
    But don’t worry, if you behave, or if the guards aren’t complete jerks, then most likely they will let you out and into the courtyard!
    In the courtyard prisoners can partake in the following activities: Basketball, Soccer, Foot Race and Trampoline Jumping!
    After some exercise the prisoners can refresh themselves at the cafeteria, which serves sludge.
    What if a prisoner escapes the courtyard? Alarms will go off, alerting the guards.
    Outside the gate there is a pink unicorn and three horses, black, grey and brown. Use them to escape to the outpost.
    At the outpost will be a switch and a Nornfang. Either kill guards off one by one with the Nornfang or simply end the round using the switch, which awards points.

    Guards: Guards spawn in the armoury, which has a smorgasbord of weapons to choose from.
    Guards have access to a luxury barracks of which boasts an aquarium, pit fire, radio, comfortable bed bunks and a pool table.
    Outside is the Captains house, boasting a double bed, fireplace, decorated interior and awesome weapons!
    Dear Guards, prisoners appreciate when you let them out of the dungeons below. But be careful, never turn your back on them! To keep a safe distance you can use the Sniper Tower or patrol atop the prison walls.(Guards also have a Foot Race they can use.)

    Remember, never trust a prisoner!
    If a prisoner escapes alarms will go off to alert you. Make sure to hunt that escapee down!
    A waypoint will spawn above the switch if it needs to be turned off.

    (To use the Foot Race find a switch that says race, interact with the switch and checkpoints will spawn. Follow them in order, 1, 2, 3, etc to finish.)

    Map subject to fixes/adjustments.


  1. CaptainDireWolf

    CaptainDireWolf Forger of the Wild
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    Nice forging! The chaingun looks tight as hell and I'm always a fan of welded vehicles. The horses are a nice touch.
  2. CertifiedChamp

    CertifiedChamp Spartan III
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    are those minecraft chests? incredible
  3. Maze Reclaimer

    Maze Reclaimer Spartan III

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    The killer Rotary Turret is by Ascend Hyperion while the brilliant Horse & Unicorn prefab is by the appropriately named MR Genius.
    Other Prefabs on the map...
    Small medieval house by Noble Forger
    Table (Chairs) by Toxic Waste 808
    Pool Table by Tomtehtom
    Mansion Chandelier by Grey Muffin Bass
    Picnic Table by Mustard Sean
    Shelves by Joe Act
    Stove 01 by Zeth Maverick
    Outdoor Kitchen by TheresNoPowers
    Bookshelf and Kitchen Stove unfortunately I cannot find the creators.
  4. Maze Reclaimer

    Maze Reclaimer Spartan III

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    Those mine craft chests came with Small Medieval House prefab by Noble Forger. :)

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