Weld Wars 2

8v8 Strongholds

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  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Weld Wars 2 -

    An evolution on ideas started on 'Weld Wars' with prefab vehicles, and unique player points-of-view.

    If you are reading this, Thanks!, you are still curious about what cool and unusual stuff the FORGE community can and does create. This map was an idea among friends during custom games. As is common somebody says "What If...". Followed by half the ideas you see when you play on this map. It is intended for BTB Slayer, Strongholds and CTF. I hope you can get a group together and just have some fun destroying each other in boats on the water. The air vehicles also give a new sensation to the area (don't fly too high). Even if you can't get a large group, go in here and try out the vehicles. I'm really happy with this, it is "Just Different!"

    Red vs. Blue - BTB however you like, no FFA available.
    Stongholds and CTF are setup.

    *This is not a race map, ;) - but you can do a quick spin through the ramps, with tight right turns at the pylons... Start at line behind helicopter platform.

    For Battle this map includes:

    5 Gunboats with chaingun
    3 Gun Zodiacs (inflatables) One is civilian but armed.

    2 Custom Aircraft
    - Helicopter Squad (wasp)
    - Jet (wasp)
    **These custom aircraft are based on original forge prefabs by LazyStudio - X SLOTH X - Thanks bud, they are sweet!

    Special weapons include one each:
    Rocket Turret, Void's Tear, ProPipe, Barbed Lance and Arclight

    Each Base includes an Ammo Room with the following:
    Ammo Refill box
    1 Frag and 1 Sticky - on quick respawn, so a grenade dispenser.
    1 Chaingun Turret
    2 Standard Magnums
    Hydra Launcher
    Sniper Rifle
    SPNKR Rockets

    Please have a good time on this and the original Weld Wars. Stay Safe, Be Well! Halo is for everyone, Have Fun Together! - JAMN

    * Try regular BTB to understand map, then try CTF and Stongholds!

    *** If you said "Charlie Don't Surf!" when the 6th image displayed above, you may like this map.
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  1. Kenjamin1 MI

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    wall torches and candles by Whos Blaze
    scripted strongholds by b0b is here
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  2. LazyStudio

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    I am sorry I missed out on the first test of game play. I love this idea. Can't wait to check it out.
  3. Kenjamin1 MI

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    It still needs testing/feedback - I will consider requested adjustments.
    Thanks again to all the forgers who gave me input to create this.

    **UPDATE 6/19/2020 -
    The following adjustments have been made.
    Added an additional Gunboat (warthog) at each base - now 7 on the map.
    Adjusted respawn/despawn timing on all watercraft.
    Lowered soft-kill altitude to keep aircraft in weapons range - *feedback on this?
    Grenades at bases respawn shortened to 6sec.
    Thanks, JAMN
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