War River

Capture the Flag

Map Description

    Major Update:
    the pathing has had a considerable update allowing for higher speeds with the warthog.
    Both bases have also received updates with both now receiving a Mantis. Additionally they both have a cave added to the backside of the base. The cave houses a 2 way teleport for ground troops (throwback to battlecreek) and makes for a 3rd route to the enemies base.
    The wasp has been moved to a higher landing pad, accessible via by a mancannon on the fountain below it.
    a few pick up weapons have also been added. shotgun in each base and a needler on both sides mid map.

    In a valley on an uncharted planet, two ecosystems meet where warriors converge...

    A must play for any BTB fan!!!
    Large remake of a classic Halo map: Battle Creek. supports BTB gametypes: Slayer, strongholds and is Ideal for BTB CTF.

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