Volleybash Court

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  1. why
    What happens when you mix volleyball and golf clubs? You're left with an entirely new sport called Volleybash.

    Volleybash is a mini-game where two teams try to hit a ball over a net and onto the opponents side of the court. When the ball hits the ground the team on the other side of the net scores 1 point; the first team to score 20 points wins.

    The ball spawns above the middle of the net (directly between the two teams) causing a sort of hitting match for each new ball drop between the two teams. The ball is dropped back into play after each point through a black hole.

    The great thing about Volleybash is that the game is easy enough for new players to pick up instantly without having the need for someone to explain the rules. With a functioning score board, color coded sides, a navigation point (for the ball) and audio cues this court comes with all the features needed to clearly inform all the players on what's going on.

    When creating this map and gametype I focused on making everything "matchmaking friendly" specifically for action sack. It plays best with 4v4, it has a clear objective, no honor rules, the game feels like it lasts just the right amount of time, and of course it's fun to play.

    As of now Waypoint doesn't show gametypes created using the mini-game mode so you'll have to look up the gametype titled "Volleybash" under my gamertag: why
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  1. LazyStudio LazyStudio
    This was a very fun experience. I really enjoy sports games that work and are fun.


  1. LazyStudio

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    Also great job on the faces in the flags.

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