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  1. D4rkDeath
    Hello ForgeHub! After the popularity of my Jurassic Park map I had a few people ask for Jurassic Park Infection (very popular in Reach and Halo 4) and why the Visitor Center wasn't included in the map. In the original map, there just wasn't the piece count for the Visitor Center. So I present to you my Jurassic Park Visitor Center!

    The control room serves as Red Base and feels very complete with 3 entries, the emergency bunker more inside of it, the classic windows (which I cannot get small enough circles for, but they turned out great!), and one of the entries being an overlook balcony looking into part of the control room with a grav lift to get up top quickly. There is even a messy decal on Nedry's desk.

    Ah the kitchen, I made the area high enough to be able to properly sneak around in the room like they did on the movie, hiding from the raptors. The room is lit for authenticity and really never appears dark. 2 doors getting in and out, I hate to make a room that has one entry/exit on any map.

    The outside patio serves as Blue Base and offers a few routes in and out. The fountain has the lighting decal trick to make it feel that water is flowing through it. The background has a very Jurassic Park feel to it.

    I feel like most everything has a place and no part of the map goes unused. The map is set up for 4v4 core gametypes (Slayer, Strongholds, CTF) with Strongholds and CTF being the strongest. The map has been playtested in a few lobbies, and the main group that I host customs for has played on this map a lot. The weapons feel balanced and my group is very vocal about things they like dislike after testing my maps. This map has gone through quite a few redesigns, upscales, downscales, relighting, and weapon balances. The new update brought a lot of things this map needed, with marble floors, wood floors, concrete, etc. I always appreciate feedback and I still feel the lighting could have some better tweaks, so if anyone feels they are superb at lighting, I would enjoy your company and your help. As good as the aesthetics are on the map, a few spots feel a little empty, but the idea is also that this is before the characters from the movie had even shown up (so no dino skeletons...) I first and foremost focus on gameplay on my maps. I have looked at movie set blueprints, lego games, the movie itself, and many other sources to get the right authenticity for the map. Because I do focus on gameplay first, I did make a few hallways and altered a few things for better game flow, but the map is still roughly 85% accurate to most sources, which offer different blueprints and layouts for the building. I did not make the lower level for obvious reasons, not to mention my piece count is capped. The map is a lot of fun! The core gametypes work out very well. This map was very time consuming to make over the last month, but has been a lot of fun developing! Try it out, take a look!

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    Trex Skelaton Prefab: GreyMuffinBass

    InGen Prefab: weeeeemann

    GT: D4rkDeath


  1. CaptainDireWolf

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    No Dino bones???! It is too bad 343 hasn't given us bones yet :p Looks good man.
  2. D4rkDeath

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    D4rkDeath updated Visitor Center with a new update entry:

    Aesthetic Update, T-Rex Skelaton

    Read the rest of this update entry...
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 17, 2016 ---
    You wanted Dino Bones, you got em.
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  3. GreyMuffinBass

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    Hey man ;D thanks for using my t rex skeleton prefab! It DOES look like its made for this map XD awesome stuff! I'm impressed with the aesthetics of your map too, the iforge team played a few matches on this map before the budget update, it plays really well.
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  4. CaptainDireWolf

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    TIS GLORIOUS! (insert epic jurassic park themesong)
  5. JurassicWeeMan

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    This map is now 11/10.
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