Viscera Valley

8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. drewlefever
    A BTB Heavies map based in the Canyon, compatible with all CTF and Assault modes. 12-16 players

    Each base has 6 vehicles:
    • 1 Banshee
    • 1 Wraith
    • 2 Mongooses
    • 2 Warthogs (1 Gauss)
    And each base 8 weapons:
    • 3 DMRs
    • 1 Assault Rifle
    • 1 Rocket Launcher
    • 1 Sniper Rifle
    • 2 Plasma Pistols
    There is also a central tunnel/building with a Nosegun Falcon, Spartan Laser, and Grenade Launcher. Each team also has an outpost closer to the center of the map, which they can teleport to 30 seconds into the game. Each outpost has a Ghost.

    The original map suffers from a flashing issue due to too many objects being rendered atonce. If you don't care, download the original here (it looks better since it has more decorative pieces) but if you want a version that doesn't flash (but has less decorative pieces), download the Lite version here.


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