1. Seperate file - MM Viking v2 - Second overhaul

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    (This may be updated after 343 review and continuous work over weekend)

    Disclaimer: This post is for a separate version(MM Viking) that will stay in my files so that the original remake is still true to Valhalla. This is a list of the main changes to the map for the MM Viking. Ive been working on it since a month ago so i may miss a lot of little things that arent important. All of these changes are directly relevant to community feedback and requests...
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  2. Viking for matchmaking - Numerous changes

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    This is the final version that is included in BTB matchmaking. It was totally reworked all around. The map still has the name 'Halvalla' in my file share.

    Notable changes:
    -Actual pelican all blinged out + drop pods
    -Railgun near the forerunner wall
    -Cliff in place of the dropoff on red side
    -Cleaned up tons of terrain
    -Map includes assault
    -Added named locations across the entire map
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  3. Extra Spawns, added BR 55's and foliage, adjusted parts of landscape + more

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    The first update 1.1 brings quality of life updates and some minor adjustments to the maps terrain and sandbox.

    Weapon changes:
    -Replaced all previous BRs with BR-55s
    -Added 3 New BR locations
    -Laser now spawns a little quicker
    -Added an extra Frag at each Frag spawn location

    Terrain Changes:
    -Added Foliage along the River and in shotgun caves (11 trees)
    -Blue side cave and mound in...