1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Koma
    This small 1v1 or 2v2 map I was originally designing for fun but has been lost to time itself. I enjoy Destiny, and I wanted 2 works to collide at once, making a Vex map for Halo 5.

    Allow me to explain abit about the "Vex" concept and what they are. The Vex are organic sentient robots in the Destiny universe that are able to manipulate time in certain aspects. They corrupt worlds using Radiolaria, the organic life of the vex. As they corrupt said worlds, the land brings upon a very unique clubic or "data" like formation, as you can see in the WIP images.

    I put this map unfinished for the sake of anyone else wanting to pick up on the layout or to continue the map with my full permission. If anyone does end up making a map or finishing this, please let me know so I can see the final product.

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