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  1. Sir Veyza
    Valkyrie is a 4v4 objective focused map with multiple path options, tight close quarters engagements, and some long sight lines to allow for some nice ranged combat. A hammer lies on the Throne of the Long House. Claim it, and you can wreak havoc upon your enemies within, and in the halls below! But beware, as a sniper may loom off waiting! It supports Assault, Slayer, Strongholds, and CTF.

    Notes from Beardy:

    Valkyrie is was great fun to make! I enjoyed putting together all of the aesthetics on the map, including the custom shields with decals! Ultimately I always design my maps with layout in mind first, and a rough idea of the aesthetics to begin with, but from the start I knew I wanted this map to have a Viking theme with axes, shield, and various crates strewn about to give it a little more life. Certain design issues arose when first designing the map, as it was way to small. After some reworking it got to a place I was comfortable with, and the design for the map took shape.

    I had some great feedback from Squally, Dark Death, Infinut, and NegativeZero. I couldn't have made this map without them. They helped iron out some design ideas, call out some problem areas, and play test it multiple times to allow me to rework the weapon layout a few times before it got to a comfortable position. Strangely, the map was designed with Strongholds in mind first. It was sort of a fluke that Assault is it's main mode. I sorta just threw down a ball spawn and plant point and let it go. After several play tests it was decided that Assault was just the most fun mode on the map, which I am perfectly fine with!

    I'm still ironing out some minor things and will be giving a few more looks over and updates before I decide it's "done" but in reality nothing for me is ever really "done" in a sense. If I didn't stop working on my maps, I'd keep going until the end of time, haha!

    Hopefully this map brings tons of fun moments and good hearty laughs! I hope anyone that plays it enjoys it!


Recent Reviews

  1. D4rkDeath D4rkDeath
    The more I play this map, the more I like it. The theme was captured well, the sight lines are excellent, just an overall fun map to play on.
  2. I've had the opportunity to play this map a lot throughout its life. The author has put in tremendous effort into shaping it what it is and it shows. A safe design, but done very well. I love playing objective modes on this map.

    Where I think the map falls short is the aesthetics. While I am sold on the Norse theme, I think the over use of primitives negatively impacts the way the map looks.

    A great map none the less and should certainly earn a spot in your next lobby.


  1. D4rkDeath

    D4rkDeath ONI Agent
    Forge Critic

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    This map is very fun to play! Great sight lines, aesthetics, and theme! You can see the passion in your work! This is one of those great maps that only come along once in awhile!
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  2. CaptainDireWolf

    CaptainDireWolf Forger of the Wild
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    Sweet longhouse. The dragon or wolf looking crests are cool. Nice work man!
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