USS Husky

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. ExTerrestr1al

    Update: "DQ Update" 1.10

    • Fixed Starfield - now has functional starfield visible from all windows, including bridge roof. (first)
    • Added Auto-Doors - four doors, one on either side of each base, opens/closes with player proximity.
    • Intro Scene - shows miniature version of map-ship evading an enemy by going to warp! (first)
    • Power/Engine Core - now drains shields if you touch it! (first)
    • Flag stand areas trigger alert for defending team if an enemy is within grabbing distance. (first)
    • Easter Egg
    • Art & Architecture - some moderate changes to lighting etc.
    **Best Experienced in CUSTOMS, to get fully activated scripted features** (forge if you want to dissect it)

    A last-minute, not very detailed submission by yours truly. But, it does have a couple of very unique scripted aesthetic pieces, that will blow your mind!

    Stage: An intra-galactic war between Reds & Blues finds a non-IP-specific warp ship caught in a skirmish between two contested territories while at warp speed. Apparently, the prescribed method to resolve the conflict on this particular occasion, is to conduct a heavy arms version of capture the flag near the "Red Empire" ship's engine core, which is curiously left exposed and vulnerable by design...

    Hopefully, you'll enjoy some of the map itself, as well - which shows that I actually do know how to forge and not just script ;) even if not as well as some.

    Essentially, I wanted to make a map and because they can be small and simple, I realized I could actually finish this type of map, but as you can see from the current low level of detail, had to buckle down and cram this into just five days! (plus a few fixes and edits since submission, which may already have DQ'd me, but that is not the point of me doing this project - just to finish another map and participate in my own way.


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    Update: "DQ Update" 1.10

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    I like the stars.
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