5v5 Capture the Flag

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  1. Hairy Mcclairy
    190418 Contest grace period edit: Cams miraculously fixed themselves so of course, I saved that version of the map!

    This Jiralhanae tribe built its village in the massive trunks of giant trees amongst their homeworld of Doisac.

    Note: Version 1.1 is in works aiming to hit 0% performance drop
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  1. Yami

    Yami Spartan I

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    Unique idea, haven't seen that one yet. Not sure if you have set up a intro/outro, but it's not playing for me (I put on the correct gametype aswell). If you haven't I'd say you should so make one. If you have then there is probably something wrong with it. :)
  2. Hairy Mcclairy

    Hairy Mcclairy ONI Agent

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    I do have intro and outro cams, spent quite a bit of time working on them. But the game's buggy and decided to ignore them all of a sudden.

    Intro starts low angle looking up into the trees tilting down along the trunk settling on the middle area for a few seconds (pain in the arse to match the two cameras together), second shot is dollying up the bridge to the bases where the teams walk out.

    Outro is in the screenshots provided.

    I'll try giving it another wack once I finish up my other new maps for the comp

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