Uplift Square

4v4 Slayer

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  1. LG101
    For DOWNLOAD go to JITTERdUdE on xboxlive.

    Summary: Under the smog-filled skies of New Mombasa, the Uplift Corporation in charge of the city space tether has partnered with the city planning council to construct a series of pedestrian boulevards and housing projects to better its PR image, amidst claims that its infrastructure has ruined the city panorama.Uplift Square is the latest project that the company has undertaken.

    The square is small and meant to accommodate 4 v 4 slayer matches. Other featured gametypes include ctf and strongholds. There are several powerweapons including a hydra launcher, but no vehicles. Recommended player rosters are 4 v 4 and 5 v 5. Anything more and the map can feel cluttered. I originally had a space elevator made from cable and rings in the background of the map, but it used up so many items that honestly could have been used for better map additions that i deleted it.
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  1. ARC1T3CTZ

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    hello . i took a look at your map in forge and spoted a few things that could help the flow of your map .

    • the bridge that has the halo 2 plasma rifle ,u can get on top of the map from this location.
    • ctf location is ok but should have more routes leading to and from
    your ramps are a bit dench.. its ok have some big ramps here and ther but try to mix it up some maby changing the angle from 35 to 15 or use actual ramps or stairs but if u use stairs make sure u have projectile blockers on them as no 1 really likes a nade coming back in d face, also try different sizes

    there's few other things like the lighting and art but these are something that u personally have to learn through trial and error ..

    hope anything i said helps...

  2. LG101

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    thanks for the response. i'll see if i can fix the ramp problem so that players cant escape the map. also yeah the map is sort of small for ctf so ill see if i can make some extensions to ensure that there are more varied routes to each flagstand. also with regards to lighting, what sort of problems did you notice?
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    I think basically he's not saying there's anything wrong with the lighting but if you look at some of the better maps on the site the lighting and aesthetics in general are just on another level. As he suggests, to get good lighting on maps takes a lot of time and effort and is something that will take you a while to learn as a forger. Something I will suggest if you don't like the natural lighting and don't need to skybox is to box your map. This involves surrounding the map with 256*256 floor pieces which you colour black and put on emissive 0. Then turn light bake off on everything inside the box. This then provides you with much more control over lighting however you will need to do more with the lighting in this case or everything will be pitch black. Don't go overkill though or you'll get framerate issues. Lighting on maps is a skill that requires a while to crack so give it a shot and it'll help improve your maps in future
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