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  1. Dax
    So I'm finally getting around to posting a few of my maps. This is Updraft, which some of you may know was recently announced as the winner of the Smackdown forge contest. The map's overall design is two inversely symmetrical corkscrews somewhat overlapping each other, with a few connecting pathways in between the two. In it's early stages, Updraft was riddled with movement options, but thanks to a lot of help from you guys I was able to open the map up to where constant evading was no longer a problem, and it ended up playing much better overall.
    I'm grateful so many of you guys were willing to help me out along the way so I want to give a shout out to everyone who gave feedback and tested the map. It got pretty hectic who I was in a party with at times so if I missed anyone (which I know I did) let me know!
    Adyless, Auburn, Benji, cluckinho, DC, Fatality, FrozenGoatHead, Rorak Kuroda, Shad0wViper, Shik, Shock Theta, Transaction Zero


  1. Proximo

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    The way the ramp comes down in front of another hall in pics 3 and 4 looks like ass. Couldn't you have just spaced that area out a little more instead of sloppily throwing a bank piece in?
  2. SimmonsZore

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    very nice map I like how the window show a backround falcon make me feel like Im in some type of building. one thing I dont like is the ramps in the 4th pic you should have made them smaller so they dont poke out and you can get rid of the banks there
  3. J HaDlEy 616

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    After a little bit of practice on this map for Smackdown I thought the ramps actually look really good and seem to fit seamlessly together. The windows and designs for the different areas work really well for orientation, it took me very little time to get a feel for the map and learn it's routes and pathways. I think it works well for 1v1's despite being a little bit too small for my usual liking. But i'll probably continue to play on it even after the tournament.

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