1. Matchmaking Inlcusion Update

    With the amount of feedback friends, fellow forgers and 343i's MP Team gave to me, I was able to conceive a solid map that has achieved its inclusion on Matchmaking:

    The layout of the map and its concept remains the same. In fact, most of the update are just technical adjustments to support MM experience.

    -Replaced Mantis with two Wasps (placed on top of each secondary base) to provide a more balanced gameplay.
    -Plasma Grenades and Assault Rifles rearrangement.
    -Removed SPNKr Rocket...
  2. Update 2.2

    -Changed mancannons vectors
    -Changed plasma pistol for a symmetrical Needler
    -Added more visuals
    -Lighting and fog improvements
  3. Firefight Update

    -Added "Corp" variant vehicles.
    -Changed Chaingun Warthog timer to 60 sec
    -Added more rocky cover (thanks to the Physics Budget extension)
    -Changed mancannons on bases directions to launch players at each end of the Drill.
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  4. Update 2.0

    -Added 343i Matchmaking parameters:
    • Changed weapons and vehicles timers
    • Added Neutral spawn points and Spawn volumes
    • Changed Objectives labels
    • Added Strongholds cinematics
    -Interchanged shotgun placement with Plasma Pistol/Needler placement.
    -Fixed some glitched items (they were deleted by randmon, even when they were welded)
    -Fixed Cinematics glitch
    -Added more immersive sounds
    -Changed mancannons launch vectors for a better gameplay
    -New showcase video
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  5. Objectives and minor aesthetics changes

    -Changed Bravo and Charlie Strongholds from "Red Wing" and "Blue Wing" to "Loading Zone" and "Outpost" to balance gameplay.
    -Changed Bravo and Charlie Ball Spawns from top of "Loading Zone" and "Outpost" to their bottoms.
    -Changed Rockets and Railgun to top of secondary bases.
    -Lighting enhancement.
    -Added decorations for aesthetic enhancement.
    -Added more pelicans as scenery.
  6. Update 1.3

    -Fixed some glitched pieces
    -Fixed scripted Pelicans (they didn't respawn)
    -Added more respawn points for a better balance gameplay.
  7. Base Layout Changed

    -Chaned the base layout for a better coherence of vehicle usage, this by adding a mid level and adding ramps for the warthogs to the exit doors.
    -Added scripted Pelicans as scenery.
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  8. Update 1.1

    -Added more line-sights an deleting cover on the Digger's platform to balance Digger's offense
    -Added more mancannons to balance Digger's offense
    -Added more respawn points for each team
    -Visuals enhancement
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