Undead Asylum


Map Description

  1. GrayishPoppy210
    Thou who art undead, art chosen....

    Phase 1
    Humans spawn in a cell and have suppressors and scattershots rather than the usual shotgun and assault rifle. There are also 2 splinter grenades found on the floor. The infected spawn just above and will drop down on top of you if you are not quick to leave the cell and enter the main corridor. In the corridor you can find an SMG and a lightrifle. Add the end of the corridor you will find a stairway with a fog wall at the top blocking your path. Here you must hold out till 1 minute has passed. From the corridor you can see into and shoot down into the infected spawn. After 30 seconds the infected will unlock a separate route allow them to quickly drop down right at the end of the corridor before the stairway.

    Phase 2
    At 1 min the fog wall will open allowing the human to progress. at the end of the corridor is a small room with a small sewer from which the infected will now be able to teleport out of. Beside the entrance where the infected will come from a SAW is available. from this room you will then enter a room containing a ladder which leads up to the next holdout area, an open courtyard with a bonfire in the middle. A boltshot is available in the ladder room. In the courtyard a railgun can be found behind a pillar and a gravity hammer is in the bonfire. I'd save these till later though if i were you... at 1:30 infected will start spawning from a small room on the left of the courtyard and from an upper layer from which they can jump down and attack. At 2:00 the cathedral door will open revealing the next phase.

    Phase 3
    The cathedral is a large open room with boxes to act as cover. 4 splinter grenades can be found near the entrance. Once you enter the room infected will be able to attack from a balcony above the cathedral which houses, a mantis! yes that's right. i gave the infected a mantis! it's meant to be the asylum demon ok! At 2:30 the mantis will drop down infront of the doorway to exit the room. Use the weapons you've required to quickly destroy it before it kills you. Killing the mantis will open the exit to the cathedral and open the central floor of the cathedral from which infected will now come. Be careful not to fall in...

    Phase 4
    The final phase consists of a long pathway leading up to a visible boundary which once entered will prompt you to wait. After 30 seconds of waiting the round will end. An incineration cannon can be found on the walkway which would house snuggly the crow. A sniper can also be found to the left of the cathedral exit next to a teleporter which takes you to an upper ledge from which you can snipe.

    As always, enjoy, and any feedback is welcome - GrayishPoppy210


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    Dude, I just checked this map out because I made a linear infection archive (check it out here) and I wanted to look at every linear infection map there is and see if they all work. Man I wish this map became popular because it is really cool. I love the Boss in the large cathedral. I haven't played it with people but after walking through it, it looks really fun.
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