4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Noble Renegade
    Security junctions such as these assure that even in the event of containment breach the Halo ring’s substructure remains secure.

    Note: The Weapon Icons used in this top down where used with permission from Ryan Scott Lee
    The weapon icons not found on his website were edited out of Forge screenshots taken on black chromas.

    Unanimity was made with the idea of a functional light bridge that players have the ability turn off on their opponents or turn on for their team to storm the enemy base. The bridge was inspired by the achivement in Halo Wars called "Covenant "Hot Drop" " where players would shut off the lightbridge to drop enemy units to their deaths. The goal of this map was to capture a Halo 2/Halo Reach feel while still using all of Halo 5's Mechanics.


    As you can see the Bridge has a what I like to call the "Traffic Light" mechanic. During playtests players would often turn the bridge off as soon as any enemy set foot on it. So My Idea was to have a safe period on the bridge where it can't be turned off by players. Then have a caution period where the bridge can be shut off by players before it's own timer runs out. Once said timer runs out players have about 2.5 seconds to make it to safety. I had a lot of trouble with getting this to work exactly as I wanted and so I've got to give huge shout out to DeafxVaterr. He Helped work out the kinks in my Scripts and got it running smoothly.


    As you Can see I also scripted the colors of the mid base to change according to the bridge so that no matter what players wouldn't be able to forget about the bridge and would always know if the bridge would be ready for use. On top of this I also added audio cues that would help enforce this.

    This map was made with CTF mainly in mind but to help ensure that other gamemodes felt good on it Gravity lifts and Man Cannons were added for Slayer and Strongholds. One set of these Man Cannons are actually based on the Halo 3 Map Narrows, where if two players where to enter them at the same time they would knock into one another and wind up killing each outer.


    A huge Thank You is needed for 4 guys (again). from left to right (Excluding me in the center)
    Alpha Seamoose
    Not Nick B


    Also... I have a habit of hiding a Halo: CE Magnum as an Easter egg on each of my maps. Above is a Hint.
    Note: For the sake of balance the Easter Egg is only obtainable through Slayer.

    Please let me know what you think of the map. This has been a passion project for me since I first came up with the idea for my Adv. Level Design class.​


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