Ultimate Mantis

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. OPG StingRay17
    An unknown enemy has stolen UNSC mantis technology to create the ultimate mech warrior. The building process has been undergoing for many years undetected within the rocky mountains of the barrens. As their location has been discovered it is your job to use only the most efficient UNSC mantises to go and sabotage their plans.

    The power core sitting in front is the only access point of annihilation. The core has massive health in four phases where the mantis obtains stronger weapons in each one. If you cannot deal enough damage in each phase the mantis will shoot out a solar flare wiping everything off the field. Use cover strategically and assist teammates when needed as you'll need them to survive all the way through this boss style mantis battle!


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    This looks very fun.
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